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Kumbaya Inc.

Kumbaya Inc.

The zeroXess, powering, connecting, knowledge and cloud based IoT hub. Innovative and Intuitive for the user, resourceful for the industry.

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Company Overview

9e25098dda76f13b5e98b61b64369882.jpgKumbaya has developed the zeroXess designed as an Affordable and Sustainable power and connectivity Hub. Solar Powered, Connectivity, Content and Data solutions to meet the basic needs of marginalized populations. “BIG DATA, IoT, knowledge sharing, Education, Telehealth, Farming which are all depending on Power and connectivity.

More than one billion people lack access to reliable and affordable modern energy, nearly four billion lack access to connectivity, which limits their health, education, and earning potential. Education and health are the building blocks of a better future to end poverty.

We at Kumbaya believe Education and health are the building blocks of a better future to end poverty.

  • RECENT MILESTONES: Over the past year, Kumbaya has taken its expertise and expanded into ensure it has the most compressive solution to power, connect and gain the data from rural communities in the under-served parts of the world. Leveraging their team’s background and capabilities, they have developed proprietary products and systems to affordably and scalable collect data. As a result of these efforts, Kumbaya has successfully validated its beta solution during the its presence at the MWC18 in Barcelona.
  • COMMERCIAL GO-TO-MARKET PLANS: Kumbaya is initially focusing its GTM plans Kumbaya is combining content and technologies, with a powerful go-to-market strategy through it partnership(s) with the MNO, NGO and industry to provide valuable content and data solutions to commercial markets worldwide. Kumbaya distributes the zeroXess to users in rural of grid market installed at $0.65 to $0.85 a day. We allow users to pay for on rent to own or a pay-as-you-go basis. Delivering power, connectivity and content incl. TV and Radio to families at about half the cost of the kerosene they normally use. 

Kumbaya manage its knowledge suits (Telehealth, Education. Agriculture) through its Cloud service to deliver the content to achieve literacy and gain the knowledge needed to ensure they escape poverty.


12 Employees


  • Kumbaya presented it final Prototype during the Barcelona MWC 18

    March, 2018