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Kumbaya Inc.

Kumbaya Inc.

The zeroXess, powering, connecting, knowledge and cloud based IoT hub. Innovative and Intuitive for the user, resourceful for the industry.

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Company Overview

Kumbaya developed the ZeroXess, an Innovative Solar-Powered, Communications and IoT Solutions Hub

Imagine the impact Kumbaya, could make: breaking the poverty cycle for hundreds of millions of families living off-grid today. 430 million households alone lack basic electricity and connectivity, cutting them off from the resources for education, healthcare, nutrition, farming, entrepreneurship and banking that can help lift them out of poverty. Kumbaya stands out in the market with zeroXess, its innovative IoT solution that connects the unconnected, bringing energy, connectivity and valuable content to the people who need it most.

Imagine if we could just collect a couple of data points out of the Billion new added users who were never been connected. This would help drive innovation and help solve problems, by allowing every industry to use data-driven decisions, substantiated with the business and academic acumen. This would help drive innovation and help solve problems, equipping industry and/or innovators to use data-driven decisions with the perspective and knowledge needed to bring the power of data to their work

We at Kumbaya believe Education and health are the building blocks of a better future to end poverty.

Some recent

Kumbaya officially launched to the general public from the floor of MWC18 in Barcelona, Spain this past March. At the close of the show PC Magazine highlighted Kumbaya as one of “11 Innovative Startups That Caught Our Eye at MWC 2018” The review called Kumbaya’s mission, “truly innovative,” and applauded zeroXess as a “colorful solar-powered home energy and communications platform to bring electricity and connectivity to remote corners of the world.”

This Fall Kumbaya was ranked as the 3rd most promising clean energy startup out of more than 400,000 companies evaluated by outside evaluator, PreSeries conducted an evaluation of the clean energy space to determine the leaders and investment opportunities. Its predictive algorithm crawled the web, processed, scored, and ranked thousands of companies that fall into the clean energy market, and generated a PreSeries Dashboard ranking of the 5 most promising startups.

Oct 2018 Kumbaya earned yet another impressive recognition when it was announced our zeroXess solution was the recipient of two Mobile Breakthrough Awards. Kumbaya won the prestigious “Social Impact Award” under the Leadership Category and was named “Rural Wireless Solution of the Year” in the Wireless Category.

We are embarking on an investment raise to bring our solution to the Market of focus – Africa, fist beta projects are been planned in Mozambique, Zambia and Nigeria by end Jan 2019.

Kumbaya manage its knowledge portals (Telehealth, Education. Agriculture) through its Cloud service to deliver the content to achieve literacy and gain the knowledge needed to ensure they escape poverty.


12 Employees


  • Kumbaya presented it final Prototype during the Barcelona MWC 18

    March, 2018