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Zencey LLC

Zencey LLC

Reducing inequities in accessing healthcare in Africa and beyond through telemedicine

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Company Overview

We are addressing inequities in accessing healthcare by bringing timely and quality care to people across the globe.

Sub-Saharan Africa faces a dramatic health crisis that includes inequities in accessing doctors and specialists, and inadequate and inconsistent levels of care. While there have been significant progress in educating and training medical professionals, many choose to leave the continent and practice elsewhere for higher compensation and better work environments. This has stymied plans to improve the overall level of care. The increase in the middle-class population leading to increased chronic diseases along with the onset of COVID-19 has thus placed tremendous stress on health systems. Telemedicine offers the possibility to bridge the gap of access by providing doctors with a means to remotely have virtual medical consultations with patients anywhere.

Many health systems are increasingly applying telemedicine in their practice, yet most medical professionals lack a formal training on virtual care.

The World Economic Forum reports that some African countries are already using mobile innovations in their healthcare delivery. For example, Rwanda has enabled access for over 2 million citizens to healthcare through telehealth.

Today, Zencey is the only solution that truly is intended to be borderless and aims to have the largest coverage footprint in Africa with both a telehealth education program and a platform to practice virtual health. We have been awarded a contract by Cote d'Ivoire's Ministry of Health to deploy our telehealth solution across their public hospitals for millions of their patients, in their fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Our solution has built-in enough flexibility to adapt to most health systems in Africa, including private clinics and small employers.

Our goal is to capture a modest portion of the $1.8 Billion African telehealth service space by extending the platform and focusing on other geographies. Our long-term strategy is to create a liquidity event for our investors through the sale or IPO of the company.


  • Zencey signs contract with Cote d'Ivoire's Ministry of Health

    July, 2020
  • MOU signed with MDEG for the provision of Telehealth Education to Health Professionals

    August, 2020
  • Zencey deploys at 1st public hospital: Bingerville General Hospital

    August, 2020
  • Launch of the Telehealth Institute Education Program

    September, 2020
  • Zencey wins Orange Group Cote d'Ivoire startup pitch competition

    October, 2020
  • Zencey joins Orange Fab's 3-month startup acceleration program

    October, 2020