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Zealot Networks

Zealot Networks

Digital media company facilitating content creation, distribution and monetization

Los Angeles, California, US

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Company Overview

Zealot Networks is led by Danny Zappin, former Founder & CEO at Maker Studios, which sold to Disney in 2014 for $950 MM.

Zealot is LA's fastest growing profitable media, entertainment and technology company. Founded in 2014, Zealot offers a full suite of capabilities for content creation, distribution and monetization to brands and creators.

"With Zealot, we’re creating the next great media and entertainment company," said CEO Danny Zappin.

Zealot has acquired 17 companies to date and is tracking to exceed $150 MM in revenue and $15 MM in profit in 2015, the company's first full year. Zealot has raised $40 MM to date.


Cash flow positive and $150M run rate in 2015 through multiple revenue channels (up 600%)

June, 2015

Led by Danny Zappin, former Founder of Maker Studios, which sold to Disney in 2014 for $950 Million

June, 2015

CEO, Danny Zappin, invested $15M into Zealot Networks personally

June, 2015

Acquired 17 companies and signed LOIs to acquire 2 more companies in the next 45 days

June, 2015

Signed multi-year deals with key influencers

June, 2015

Received strategic investment from ITV in December, 2014

June, 2015

In less than one year, Zealot Networks has raised more that $40 million

August, 2015


With Zealot, we’re creating the next great media and entertainment company, empowering entrepreneurs and creatives with unique distribution, technology and content development opportunities.
Danny Zappin Founder & CEO at Zealot Networks
Danny Zappin
Danny Zappin has been at the forefront of digital media in the U.S. for some time and it’s fantastic to be part of this exciting new venture.
Kevin Lygo Managing Director at ITV Studios
Kevin Lygo
Zealot’s senior managers are pioneers in the world of digital media, and the company has assembled a portfolio of fast-growing and profitable media businesses, spanning content creation to end-market delivery.
Eric Beckman Managing Partner at Breakwater
Eric Beckman


Team Member Name

Osman Khan

Finance and Corporate Development

Experienced investor in turnarounds, growth equity and emerging markets. Skill sets and qualifications include: -in depth industry analysis (experience in... Read More
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Michael Silverstein

Finance and Corporate Development

Team Member Name

Ivy Mollenkamp

Head of Communications at Zealot Networks

I lead communications at Zealot Networks, overseeing public relations and social media for the digital-first media company. With over 18 years of marketing a... Read More