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Yes Ad Marketplace

Company Overview

Yes Ad Marketplace is taking the sharing economy business model, popularized by companies like Airbnb and Uber, and bringing that model to the $1 trillion global advertising industry. This industry, dominated by large media buying and advertising agency conglomerates, has traditionally catered to large multinational businesses that have the budget for billion-dollar ad campaigns and ignored smaller businesses.

While the rise in social media and online advertising has empowered smaller businesses to reach a larger and more targeted audience, there has been limited innovation in the physical advertising market with respect to the 150 million small to medium size businesses worldwide. Moreover, no platform offers the dual functionality of buying and selling every type of ad space and service available.

Yes has solved these problems by creating a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows any advertiser, regardless of size or budget, the ability to find any kind of ad space all around the world. Additionally, this ad space is owned by users on the Yes marketplace and it can be anything physical or virtual, from airborne ads, car wraps, podcasts, tweets, tattoos, t-shirts, to billboards. Yes’ marketplace brings transparency to the industry, benefits both parties in the transaction, and offers businesses a way of working with space owners from around the world without having to maintain multiple intermediary relationships for each city, country or region.

"Global Advertising & Marketing Revenue Set To Grow 5.5% To $1.3 Trillion"
- PQ media

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