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Yappa World Inc

Yappa World Inc

Everybody Talks

Los Angeles, California, US

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Company Overview

Yappa is a conversational media platform, that allows users to tell their stories, and converse with friends by selecting multiple pictures/videos, and tagging them to a 15 second voice note.

Our mission at Yappa, is to bring conversation back to social sharing. Removing the cold, silent, emotionless keyboard, and replacing it with the most expressive human tool - our voice.

So What's The Problem?

- Emotional disconnection when communicating via text

- Texting is extremely limited in conveying sentiment. Emojis struggle to fill this void.

The Solution

- Provide a platform where people have real conversations, with personal interaction.

- With voice communication, expression, inflection and tone are no longer lost in translation

Along with the mobile application, Yappa's vision is to connect the world beyond the limitations of a smart phone. Yappa will be rolling out a unique and free API that will enable millions of web masters, bloggers, and developers across all platforms and industries, to integrate & embed Yappa’s innovative conversational tool into their existing online hubs.

Yappa - Everybody Talks.


5 Employees


Launch MVP For Testing On iOS

November, 2015

With no marketing efforts, Yappa has achieved 5,000+ downloads to date.

March, 2016

28 out of 30 users gave Yappa a 5 star review in the App Store.

March, 2016

Month-to-month total user engagement has increased on average 35.6% since day of launch. (PL+CC+PS/Total Users = TUER)

March, 2016

Completed partnership deal with Power 106FM, one of the largest radio brands in Souther California.

January, 2016

Yappa was an official partner for the Power 106 Crush Concert @ The Forum, Los Angeles. approx. 15,000 attendees.

February, 2016

Founders leveraging relationships with a number of management agencies, as part of Yappa's celebrity on-boarding strategy.

March, 2016


"Yappa is way ahead of the pack, I absolutely love that these guys have given me a real way to connect to my fans"
David Hasselhoff Brand Enthusiast
David Hasselhoff