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"a fundraising tool of our time"

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Yadagive is a fundraising tool of our time! Simplifying the way we give back by combining something we do, with our instinctual need to help those who are less fortunate. Yadagive is a fast and easy way to give back to charities by shopping for our daily necessities as well as our splurges. We believe that the need to help others is innate but most of us don't have the time or extra money to do so and thats where Yadagive comes in. At no additional cost, we can give back by shopping.

What Sets Us Apart

Yadagive captures societies current need for speed. In today's fast paced world, it's essential to make services fast and efficient. The Yadagive platform combines these essentials along with the current habit of online shopping and societies innate need to give back in one space. With Yadagive all you have to do is shop online, like you normally would and at no additional cost to you, the charity you choose gets a % of the purchase. It's convenient, fast and the most efficient way to give back to charities. One of the most powerful ways in which we introduce Yadagive is utilizing the power of social media and celebrity. With the help of many influencial celebrities, who are also passionate about charities, we introduce consumers to the platform and once there, they easily pick the charity of their choice then shop. It's a no brainer.

Our Keys To Success

The key to our success lies in the ability to provide consumers with a user friendly online experience that makes it easy to give back. With strategic use of social media, the help of charities and the power of celebrity to drive traffic to the platform, Yadagive will change the way fundraising is done forever. Once consumers realize that by shopping they can help others, Yadagive will be the leading source of funding for charities all over the world. Yadagive will revolutionize the fundraising world which will free up precious time for the volunteers to focus on the human aspect of charity instead of raising funding for their organizations.

Pitch Deck


  • The team chose Yadagive as the name of the company. Finalized our business and marketing plans and launched into building the technology.

    February, 2013
  • We used the wireframes of the website to have a friends and family introduction feedback event.

    July, 2013
  • Yadagive's launch in Los Angeles at EPIC Lounge. The is up and ready for our customers to start giving back!

    August, 2014