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RetailMeNot and Groupon on Steroids.

Company Overview

The largest opportunity for market growth in mobile advertising, is the local merchant segment. This is the last great frontier of mobile technology that Silicon Valley is struggling to figure out how to effectively and economically conquer. Many industry experts refer to this as “Cracking the mobile ad code”.

Forbes says the winners are the companies that figure out how best to deliver mobile-specific messaging that will drive the behaviors of consumers, whether that’s advocacy, impulse purchases or loyalty.

Harvard Business Review states that the capabilities needed to thrive in a mobile world drive deeper engagement across the consumer’s decision journey and bond the customer with the brand.

Xooker demonstrates it is cracking the code!

Xooker is in the midst of its incredible pilot launch and is well on its way in proving its business model through its outstanding results. The company on-boarded over 200 merchant locations (79% of which are local merchants) and exceeded 5,000 downloads in just its first 45 days. The results are fantastic and have already tremendously outpaced the criteria that is widely considered to be the bench mark of a successful mobile pilot. Another worthy note is that the pilot is taking place in a very limited geographical area.

It is also important to state that in just the last two years Xooker has seen an incredible growth of 983% in its market valuation, and is poised and well positioned to continue growing value for its shareholders.

Xooker provides a platform for users to “Play – Earn – Save”. The company has a proprietary, mobile first platform that provides exclusive deals, specials, gift certificates, pre-paid offers and branded games to consumers across all devices - mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop PC - all encompassed in a unique 3D navigation. Xooker engages consumers with national and local restaurant and merchants through an arcade of games branded with merchant advertising that doesn’t overwhelm consumers. The best ads don’t feel like ads.They feel like they are part of the natural experience.

Xooker’s platform incentivizes consumers by earning points when they visit as well as when they purchase at their favorite places to shop and eat. Consumers can also earn points when they play mobile games with branded ads and when they make purchases through Xooker. The platform has a proprietary mobile loyalty rewards program, which provides the availability to offer a customized digital solution, at an economical price point for the local merchant. This form of advertising takes advantage of the massive national surge in loyalty programs that incorporates gaming for the ability to earn rewards.

The company enhances engagement through daily games, contests and giveaways to the consumer’s favorite merchants. There are 185 million smart phone users in the U.S. and 128 million play mobile games on a monthly basis. This provides another tremendous revenue opportunity.

Advertising revenue is generated through multiple streams that include Xooker receiving a percentage of all purchases through the platform. The revenue model includes sales of advertisements on the games used for the daily contests which are segmented by zip code and category. Also, an important aspect is the reoccurring revenue through monthly packages of features that include the various loyalty programs.

We invite you to learn more about Xooker.

Pitch Deck


  • Xooker launches it pilot in Lexington, KY.

    October, 2015
  • Within 45 days of pilot launch, Xooker has acquired over 5,000 downloads and over 200 merchant locations. Far exceeding a successful pilot.

    December, 2015
  • Xooker's valuation has increased by 983% over a 2 year period going from model to live product.

    November, 2015