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Wystle, LLC

Wystle, LLC

Revolutionizing B2C Communication - No more waiting on hold or miscommunication. Smart investment for huge returns!

Company Overview


Miscommunication on calls and being put on hold is the worst, every second you're not closing your brand or business is losing value, this is how your average call goes.


No more wasted time or miscommunication.

Why waste all that time, money, and effort when texting is in!


Wystle's propriety platform to provide optimal customer service for all through Optimized Traffic Routing

What Wystle will do for businesses and consumers!

Smart Investing

$50/month for business on board after free trial

Additional revenue stream through advertising

Wystle enables consumers to text a business like they are texting a friend!

Seeing the growing demand for text messaging as the preferred medium for customer service, founders James and John identified that major problem with many customer service text message applications is the “one off” nature of these solutions.

Most solutions are specific to each business; for example, each business might have its own mobile application (like Starbucks/Chipotle) or its own text message support number.


They need multiple applications to take appointments/reservations and another for take out or questions, Wystle is a one stop shop.

While these solutions provide value in an individual context, they require the user to download a multitude of different mobile applications to take appointments/reservations (opentable)and another for take out or questions (Chownow, Uber Eats) or keep track of numerous text support numbers.

John and James envisioned a text support application where users could find businesses on a map or like contacts in their phone, rather than having to download numerous individual apps or track down dozens of unique support numbers.

In 2015, John and James began building Wystle, the one stop shop, to turn their vision for a truly easy-to-use for all businesses texting application into a reality.

Not only the big guys deserve an app for orders, appointments, and customer service and thats what Wystle will provide to the millions of businesses across the nation.


Instead of continuing to wait...

Users simply download the Wystle app for free from iTunes or Google Play, find a business by searching their name, proximity, or industry and message a business within the app, and receive a quick and accurate response.


-In a hurry but need your nails done? Message your local salon for an appointment.

-Starving in class but won't have time to wait in line and order? Message ahead for hot & ready.

-Wondering where the best lunch special going but don't want to call everyone? Message around.

-AC not working? Message your maintenance person a question with a picture.

-Need an oil change but can't get anyone on out of the garage on the phone? Message them.


On average humans spend 43 days in their lives on hold (marketWatch), consumers will be able to take their time back by using Wystle's proprietary platform and immediately communicating with the right person whether thats messaging in a pick up order or the DMV and anything in between.

The best part for all the business users?

The Wystle platform only cost $50/month and businesses can immediately begin incorporating our patented text message customer service into their business with absolutely NO HIDDEN OR BACKEND FEES.

$50 a month and nothing else!


With so many integrations Wystle is perfect for any industry



Everything you need with a user friendly interface for your business to reach ultimate efficiency!

Example of routing & departments

Restaurants can decide who receives what message with our proprietary routing optimizer

Reservation inquiry goes to the hostess device

Special questions and take out orders go to the bar device

Example of routing & departments at a retail store/auto parts

Specific questions about maintenance or damages etc go to the handyman

Price questions or availability go to the front

Question about certain part like tire goes straight to that department

How does a business sign up? Easy!

1) Build your profile with basic information and select what category you would like to be listed under.

Fill out your Business Information and Logo

Input Your Address Information

Select Your Business Category

2) Set your hours so people know when they can reach you

Create an After Hours Auto response so that you are always in touch with your Customers!

3) Create welcome messages, canned responses, and select various routing options

Customize Automated responses to make sure your customers are always being attended to:


4) If necessary create different routing options by department, straight to the point no pressing numbers to get where you need to go!


Lastly invite your employees by e-mail to give them access to return messages and you are ready to stop wasting time and start Wystleing!

Whenever you receive a message you will be notified through the Wystle application by ringtone or vibration on all devices in use or directly to the pre-determined routing option specified in your profile!

Since its launch in 2017, Wystle has added dozens of businesses and hundreds of consumers to the Wystle platform, and has experienced month over month user growth and repeat usage.

All capital raised will be used to enhance the Wystle application & strategically grow with our proven model to become a household name!

Pitch Deck


  • Pre-rev to dozens of paying customers in Charleston SC & thousands of end users in last six months.

    June, 2018


Alexander Altvater
Alexander Altvater
Business Owner
"Wystle has been a real game changer for my small business. Highly Recommended! "
Tiger 2017
Tiger 2017
App User
"Great App! "
Strick Strickland
Strick Strickland
Restaurant Consultant and App User
"Great App. Looking forward to seeing this catch on to a lot of businesses!"
Karl El Sokhn
Karl El Sokhn
App User
"Awesome concept and really has made my life easier and more practical. I can reach multiple businesses using one platform! Highly recommended"
Shannon H.
Shannon H.
Business Owner
"Wystle is the best thing that's ever happened to me!"