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Wise Man Once Inc

Wise Man Once Inc

"Taking Back The Fruits"

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People are hungry, I have a way to feed them. People are looking for jobs, I have a way to put them to work. I developed a system that will help the restaurant owners, customers as well as employees.

Company Overview

The name "Wise Man Once" means we have to use the knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down through our community. We are losing the connection to our elders who told us what a "wise man once" said.

We are on a mission to help minority restaurants in Boston survive the Corona virus pandemic. Minorities own 6 of the 1200 beer and wine licenses in Boston, we already had an uphill battle before the pandemic. I am started a company called Wise Man Once, Inc. I am going to try to work with restaurants in the areas I grew up in.

We have been forced to think out of the box in order to survive. If I am able to purchase these vehicles we can expand our delivery range. This will increase our customer base and revenue and will give us a chance to come back even stronger than before.

It is simply impossible for most of us to pay 30% commission fees while having to rely on take-out to sustain our business during these times. I have an opportunity to put at least fifteen people to work right away. There will be ten drivers to start as well as five internal employees to help run the logistical operations.

We are tired of waiting on help, it is time to help ourselves.

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Risks & Disclosures

We are already in the restaurant business. We were paying for delivery previously. This company will actually make our other company more profitable.