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Provide burial, Cremation, and shipping services for South Florida

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Company Overview

Wilcox Family Funeral Home LLC was incorporated on June 13, 2012 to provide burial, cremations, and shipping services for South Florida. The company opened its' doors on November 1, 2012 at 2110 North Flamingo Falls Mall, Pembroke Pine, Florida as an office front establishment.

Wilcox Family Funeral Home is a family own business which is grounded in family values. The company leadership team will strive to make the clients and their family members as comfortable as possible during their difficult time. Wilcox Family Funeral Home goal is to assist the clients and their families in every aspect of the funeral arrangement and other service needs they (the clients and family members) may have.

As a provider in the funeral industry, members of the company's leadership team are guided by high morals and values that are demonstrated in their decisions, actions and behavior.