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Transparent supply chain for the global Maker Movement

San Francisco, California, US

design, ecommerce, consumer internet, arts, co-creation, fashion & apparel, tech startup, artisanal products

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Company Overview

WE'VE is a for-profit startup transforming relationships between buyers, artisans and designers.

We build and grow transparent supply chains of collaboratively-designed accessories and home goods via a global online collective of curated, skilled artisans.

In 12 months, we have 78 maker groups with over 4,000 products, and we are generating revenues.

Investors include:

  • Peter Thiel
  • Allen Blue (Co-Founder of LinkedIn)
  • Rafe Furst (Chief Investment Officer of Crowdfunder)
  • Emil Capital Private Equity

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Attracted investment from Peter Thiel & LinkedIn Co-Founder, Allen Blue

May, 2015

78 artisan cooperatives creating over 4,000 exclusive product SKUs

May, 2015

Eve Blossom, Founder/CEO, is a social entrepreneur, author, speaker, Aspen Fellow, TED speaker, finalist INDEX: Award 2011

May, 2015


We invested in WE'VE because of their domain expertise in collaborative design and the maker movement. We believe that WE'VE's focus on changing the relationships between designers, makers and customers via co-design and transparency is gamechanging.
Marcel Bens Principal, Emil Capital Partners
Marcel Bens
I like working for WE’VE because it allows me to be creative and make a difference all at once. I work collaboratively with artisans to produce products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as environmentally sustainable. We help highlight stories that might otherwise be lost and all with complete transparency!
Meghna Argarwal Employee, Designer/Liaison
Meghna Argarwal
Wonderful selection of high quality products with inspiring stories. Friendly, informative, helpful service. Loved the pop up store!
Pop Up Shop Customer Westfield Mall
Pop Up Shop Customer
A great way to buy quality art.
Internet Customer
Internet Customer


Eve Blossom

Eve Blossom

WE'VE, Founder/CEO

Eve Blossom's twenty-five years' experience in design, early-stage technology firms, international business, nonprofit and social ventures led her to founding Lulan Artisans and then WE'VE. After earning her master's degree in Architecture from Tulane University, she practiced at Gensler and then spent two years in Vietnam restoring French villas. It was during this time that Eve found her true calling. She decided to start a for-profit social venture focusing on makers, design and transparency. WE'VE integrates design with social impact working closely with artisans to create economic stability for their communities, to open new markets, to create job stability and to help prevent human trafficking. A Frequent lecturer worldwide on sustainable integrated design and innovative business methodologies, Blossom has also had the opportunity to speak at TED and is an Aspen Institute Liberty Fellow. Lulan Artisans was a finalist in the INDEX: Award 2011.

Top Investors

Value Creation through Investment Capital Read More
Revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change Read More
Venture Capital: Crowdsourced Read More

Peter Thiel

Global Finance, Venture Capital, Media Commentary - Clarium Capital

Professional expertise: Private Equity, Macro-Finance, Venture Capital, Entrepreneur, Executive Management Read More

Allen Blue

LinkedIn, VP Product Management & Co-Founder

Rafe Furst

Crowdfunder, Inc., Co-Founder

Rafe is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor who connects ideas, people and resources to make good things happen faster. Beginning in Silicon Valley in the ... Read More

Sharon Chang

Yoxi, Founder + CEO

Sharon Chang is a designer, media executive, innovation strategist, social entrepreneur, impact investor, and philanthropist. Read More

Jodie W. McLean

EDENS, President & Chief Investment Officer

A native of Chicago, IL, Jodie W. McLean is President and Chief Investment Officer of Edens & Avant, one of the leading private retail real estate companies ... Read More

Stephen Zoukis

Raven Cliff Company LLC, Real Estate Investor

Nationally recognized real estate investor, formerly of Jamestown Properties in Atlanta, Georgia. Read More


Team Member Name

Jagadha Sivan

Director, Artisan Partnerships

Jagadha has over 8 years of management experience in designing and sourcing award-winning product lines in the artisan, handcrafted category for companies ra... Read More
Team Member Name

Meghna Agarwal

Designer at Weve

Having finished my diploma in Garment Manufacturing Technology I worked in garment production and handled accounts for Gap,Levis and H&M. Completed my master... Read More
Team Member Name

Laurie Penn-Moyer

Marketing Director, WE'VE

Laurie is a seasoned marketing professional who enjoys balancing classic marketing intelligence with contemporary digital marketing techniques. She has a pas... Read More

Board of Directors / Advisors

Team Member Name

Matt Kursh


I love innovative product and service concepts that can make a big impact. I started Oji Life Lab in 2011 with the goal of helping people live more reward... Read More
Team Member Name

Jeff Dayton

Leading advisor, senior executive, venture investor

Jeff is CEO of Alpha Funders, the top advisory service for premier ventures. Jeff is a noted senior executive and has led technology at several major U.S. ... Read More
Team Member Name

DJ Patil

RelateIQ, VP of Product

I focus on building products and great teams. Diverse experiences in a wide range of domains. Strong experience in working in ambiguity to solve complex pro... Read More
Team Member Name

Sean Gourley

Quid, Co-Founder & CTO

Im originally from New Zealand and am now based in San Francisco where I split my time between Mathematical research and my venture backed startup Quid. I h... Read More
Team Member Name

Suzanne Biegel

Women in Social Finance, Co-Founder

Team Member Name

Nathan Shedroff

California College of the Arts, Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy

Team Member Name

Ricardo Teran

Agora Partnerships, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Spent over 5 years in a telecom start-up; started a retail women's clothing start-up ; started a regional alternative media company; want to make a deep impa... Read More
Team Member Name

Ann Veneman

UNICEF, Former Executive Director

Former Executive Director of UNICEF, a position she held from 2005 to 2010. Read More
Team Member Name

Joi Ito

MIT Media Lab, Director

Joichi Ito is the Director of the MIT Media Lab. He is on the board of The Sony Corporation, The New York Times Company, Creative Commons, the MacArthur Foun... Read More
Team Member Name

Khalid Itum

Business Development, Entrepreneur

Creative, innovative, and strategic business leader successful in envisioning and executing opportunities from target & concept to multi-million-dollar sales... Read More

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