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We've, LLC

We've, LLC

Beauty of Craft Meets Power of Story

Why We Started This Company

In 2004, I founded Lulan to generate livelihoods for artisans, create job stability and help prevent human trafficking. The concept of WE'VE was conceived In 2010, when Lulan sponsored a design competition online. Designers from around the world, interested in collaborating with artisans, submitted more than 1600 designs in just 2-1/2 weeks. It was clear there was need and desire for an online community serving designers, artisans, and buyers. Our focus is using design for positive social change

What Sets Us Apart

Our strengths are our existing artisan relationships; nine years' collaborative design process and business model; depth of stories connected to each product, designer, artisan and item process; our teams' skill in design and scaling with co-ops in 40+ countries with over 4,000 skus; building co-creating online communities and selling directly. On the strength of our business model and experience, we've attracted a talented team of early investors and advisers including Peter Thiel and Joi Ito.

Our Keys To Success

We will build additional relationships with artisans, designers and customers; use our core strength of storytelling to reach our customers; have an easy way for our customers to share those stories out with their networks; and learn and improve on all key levers to better reach and retain customers. Our inherent content in many ways markets itself. The quality of artisan storytelling, product standards and product fulfillment are important.

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