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Handcrafted Impact - Modern Commerce

San Francisco, California, US

Tech Startup, Arts, Fashion & Apparel, Consumer Internet

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- Launched Initial Private Site on September 23, 2013 - Released Initial Private Access at Dwell on Design on June 21, 2013

October, 2013

Announced Partnership with Technology Company - ThoughtWorks

March, 2014

Formed Partnerships with 78 Cooperatives with Final Samples of 60-80 SKUs. At various stages with an additional 50 groups.

May, 2014

Hired Lead Marketer & Growth Hacker to team. Team now collaborating on online- and offline- growth / user acquisition.

July, 2014

Scheduled for Launch in September 2014

June, 2014


Eve Blossom

Eve Blossom

WE'VE/Lulan Artisans, Founder/CEO

Eve Blossom's twenty-five years' experience in design, early-stage technology firms, international business, nonprofit and social ventures led her to founding Lulan Artisans and then WE'VE. After earning her master's degree in Architecture from Tulane University, she practiced at Gensler and then spent two years in Vietnam restoring French villas. It was during this time that Eve found her true calling. She decided to start a for-profit social venture to create systemic change. Lulan Artisans and weve integrates design with systemic social change working closely with artisans to create economic stability for their communities, to open new markets, to create job stability and to prevent human trafficking. A Frequent lecturer worldwide on sustainable integrated design and innovative business methodologies, Blossom has also had the opportunity to speak at TED and is an Aspen Institute Liberty Fellow. Lulan Artisans was a finalist in the INDEX: Award 2011.

Top Investors

Revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change Read More

Sharon Chang

Yoxi, Founder + CEO

Sharon Chang is a designer, media executive, innovation strategist, social entrepreneur, impact investor, and philanthropist. Read More

Rafe Furst

Crowdfunder, Inc., Senior Vice President

Rafe is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor who connects ideas, people and resources to make good things happen faster. Beginning in Silicon Valley in the ... Read More

Allen Blue

LinkedIn, VP Product Management & Co-Founder

Stephen Zoukis

Raven Cliff Company LLC, Real Estate Investor

Nationally recognized real estate investor, formerly of Jamestown Properties in Atlanta, Georgia. Read More

Jodie W. McLean

EDENS, President & Chief Investment Officer

A native of Chicago, IL, Jodie W. McLean is President and Chief Investment Officer of Edens & Avant, one of the leading private retail real estate companies ... Read More


Team Member Name

Anjanel Pinet

Logistics/Inventory Manager

As a UMass Dartmouth alum, Anjanel has a fine appreciation for hard work and fine craftsmanship. Bringing a strong artistic background to the table with a fo... Read More
Team Member Name

Jagadha Sivan

Director, Artisan Partnerships

Jagadha has over 8 years of management experience in designing and sourcing award-winning product lines in the artisan, handcrafted category for companies ra... Read More
Team Member Name

Lindsay Sullivan

Artisan Liaison

Lindsay has over 9 years of experience in retail production with a focus on vendor relations, costing, product development, and project management. As a grad... Read More

Board of Directors / Advisors

Team Member Name
Read More Unverified
Team Member Name

Nathan Shedroff

California College of the Arts, Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy

Team Member Name

Suzanne Biegel

Women in Social Finance, Co-Founder

Team Member Name

Sean Gourley

Quid, Co-Founder & CTO

Im originally from New Zealand and am now based in San Francisco where I split my time between Mathematical research and my venture backed startup Quid. I h... Read More
Team Member Name

David Needham

United States District Judge, Law Clerk

Team Member Name

DJ Patil

RelateIQ, VP of Product

I focus on building products and great teams. Diverse experiences in a wide range of domains. Strong experience in working in ambiguity to solve complex pro... Read More
Team Member Name

Ricardo Teran

Agora Partnerships, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Spent over 5 years in a telecom start-up; started a retail women's clothing start-up ; started a regional alternative media company; want to make a deep impa... Read More
Team Member Name

Ann Veneman

UNICEF, Former Executive Director

Former Executive Director of UNICEF, a position she held from 2005 to 2010. Read More
Team Member Name

Michael lacy

We've, Vice President, Engineering

Michael has over fifteen years experience in architecting, designing, building, and deploying next generation web and mobile applications. After obtaining a... Read More