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WeDidIt enables nonprofits to empower anyone to fundraise on their behalf, anywhere.

Why We Started This Company

WeDidIt was formed to solve a problem that is common to all nonprofits: fundraising is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. WeDidIt's two co-founders noticed nonprofit's need for better fundraising tools while working as consultants for nonprofits at a global media monitoring company. WeDidIt was formed out of the idea that with better technology and better resources, nonprofits could raise more money and reach new donors without spending more money.

What Sets Us Apart

WeDidIt offers a unique set of tools, technology and resources that enable nonprofits to launch more engaging fundraising campaigns and reach out to more donors without spending more money. This is done be enabling volunteers to raise funds on a nonprofits behalf, turning them into champions for the cause. WeDidIt also offers hands on help as well as expert advice in launching these campaigns, insuring that we are invested in your success.

Our Keys To Success

The WeDidIt key to success is our technology that allows anyone anywhere to raise funds on a nonprofits behalf. On top of this, we offer expert advice and best practices to custom tailor your fundraising campaign to overcome your specific challenges and exceed your fundraising goals.

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