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// Investing Made Right

Cheyenne, Wyoming, US

automated trading, fintech, platform-based service, fintech, investing, investment management, robo-advisor

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$105,000 of $550,000

WealthVenue is raising $550,000 with a minimum reservation of $1,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • CAC of $50 per user / Average Cost of $5 per Lead
  • Gross Annual Revenues of $240 per user
  • Target of 5,000 clients and 50,000 Registered Users

Elevator Pitch

No time or unsure how to invest your money ? Our low cost investment platform is here for everyone, and will make sure the right investment decisions are made for you


Prototype is LIVE, early demonstration to friends and family

December, 2015

Our first client integrated with IB Advisory Platform

January, 2016

Entering MVP Stage, Platform is Operational

June, 2016

Successful Integration of our new Trading Algorithm

August, 2016

Testing our first AdWord Campaign

September, 2016

Successful campaign of our multiple A/B Testing

December, 2016

Acquisition of our first billable client from Adwords

January, 2017

Implementing fixes and new features from Users Feedback

June, 2017

Moving to Google Cloud Platform in 3 regional data centers (East Coast/Midwest/West Coast)

September, 2017

Starting Seeding Stage for business development

November, 2017