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Why Bank When You Can Waspit

Why We Started This Company

Since the 1940’s, with the exception to ATMs and credit, payments and banking have remained relatively stagnant from a customer’s perspective. Our spending and behavioral habits have fundamentally shifted, yet the services offered by banks have not. Social and commerce are converging, new ecosystems are emerging, and consumers now want more modern and interactive functionality. Big banks are trying, small FIs are struggling. It sets a great backdrop to the next banking revolution, Banking 2.0.

What Sets Us Apart

Waspit is the first 'student focused' multi-channel engagement banking platform to seamlessly bring the digital ecosystem into a single user experience, blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds of commerce. It combines traditional banking features with deep social media integration. The platform, inclusive of its personal financial management tools, fosters fiscal responsibilities, prevents users from getting into overdraft, and aids them in making smarter purchasing decisions.

Our Keys To Success

Some of the features include split-the-bill, instant money transfer, auto Foursquare and Facebook check-in capabilities, deals, reviews, and Waspit's unique Thumbscore rating system. Another impressive feature is the predictive algorithms, which look at a user’s spending, search, location, and financial management objectives, allow it to subtly present very precise suggestions to users on offers relevant to their individual lifestyle, or matters relating to their personal financial management.

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