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War Accounting

War Accounting

WAR Accounting are the experts in the startup accounting world that are needed to lead new companies to success.

Company Overview

Startups by nature are typically not targeted for bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs. Even the companies that are currently out there offer products that automate the process at rock bottom prices or are extremely hands off and use one off hand built accounting software.

In realty, most startups are created by those individuals who are operationally sound but have little to no idea in the ways of accounting and this market is left undeserved.

War Accounting seeks to change the problem by offering hands on in the trenches approach to not only just performing the accounting and tax function but to also help grow the company by working hand-in-hand using standardize processes and programs to help streamline everything finance and accounting.

Not only this, the members of the team are those who have worked in startups and startup accounting and understand the nuances, stresses, and ways of success.

We seek to find startups within the United States and those firms that primarily operate online. Also having a company that has done any sort of fund raising will also be helpful.


1 Employees