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Vuuzle Media Corp

Vuuzle Media Corp

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Company Overview

Vuuzle Media Corp is an Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming TV service that includes a Live streaming application. We have built our technology and acquired agreements to sell the most viewed cable channels directly to consumers. Vuuzle TV is a High Definition platform and will capitalize on the fast-growing “cord cutting” market.

The OTT market is rapidly changing the way the general population acquires and views their entertainment. Specifically, consumers are “cutting the cord” and slashing their satellite bills. As such, the OTT marketplace is currently experiencing explosive growth as consumers are seeking more affordable and customizable TV programming options.

As cable customers do, they are increasingly moving to OTT solutions. The OTT trend is rapidly growing, and for the few companies out there who do have OTT, most of them are not high quality and do not carry the mainstream channels. As for the others such as Pluto and Hulu. Pluto just sold their company to Viacom for $340,000,000 Million and HULU said it ended 2018 with more than 25 million total subscribers, a net gain of 8 million for the year. Moreover, Hulu claims it grew ad revenue more than 45% in 2018, to nearly $1.5 billion, a company record.

We here at Vuuzle Media Corp have built our own demand-side platform. The Vuuzle dashboard will be able to drive traffic directly to the splash page while earning revenue from programmatic advertising and display ads.

The Demand Side Platform we built is used to push traffic to our brand. Meaning we buy the inventory (traffic) from publishers who are locked into the trading desk. The “people/ traffic we buy are people on the internet across the world wide web.

We go after our target market using internet data based on user activity thus being able to push our Vuuzle Brand to those who show interest using Ad creatives surrounding our Brand (VUUZLE.TV).

Once we drive the traffic to our splash page the traffic begins to convert from users watching our content to generating and earning two forms of income. The first revenue we earn is based on the CPM (CLICKS PER MILLION) from Ad Revenue. The second revenue we earn is from up-selling our subscriber base model. We also have product monetization capabilities where advertisers and their brand and products can be purchased from “Vuuzle.TV’s” add player and site.

Vuuzle Media Corp has a money-making entertainment ad ops goliath. It will become titanic by simply giving away our services for free while making money through DSP and programmatic advertising and the sales of other products being sold on our site.

Vuuzle has coded and developed millions of lines of proprietary code specifically written for Vuuzle Live. Vuuzle tv is now available on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV including apple and android mobile phones.

Vuuzle TV will offer a unique channel line-up and price point not found from its competitors. The price point is free service providing you opt-in to watch advertising. However, for those customers who don’t want advertising they can still buy the services free from ad’s for $49.99.

Through our technology partners we have been able to secure the rights to carry highly coveted channels like ESPN, Disney, A&E, and Fox on a rolling 15-year Agreement, currently through 2032. Thus, Vuuzle TV offers a core, 88+ channel package including Cinema programming package for $49.99, as well as an On-Demand package with movies that can be purchased for $3.00 and can be watched as many times as you want over a three-day period.

As of the beginning of 2018, OTT competitors have secured 5 million customers in the last 2 years with Sling and DirecTV Now leading the marketplace. The list of competitive market leaders includes Sling, DirecTV Now, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, FuboTV, PlayStationVue, and Philo all who operate in the national OTT space.

Each is focused on different programming niches with $40+ price point packages. Specifically, “YouTube TV" and "Fubo TV" have both recently raised their prices to $40 and $45 respectively.

Vuuzle.TV will differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering ESPN-Disney, Fox, and Univision and other major channels in an all-in-one package including our clout nine visual web and VR gaming all for free. This will be done while we continue to add new channels and product lineups to the network while defeating the competition.


300 Employees
2 Issued Patents
$8,700,000 Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • Boink Live Streaming Announced Today, They Will Change the Corporation's Name to Vuuzle Media Corporation for Branding and Distribution Cent

    May, 2019
  • VuuzleTV FILES FOR D/A The Total Offering Amount $10,000,000 USD Total Amount Sold $8,148,610 USD

    March, 2019
  • Boink Live Streaming Corporation Has Restructured the Company as a Delaware Corporation, a Win/Win for Pioneer Shareholders

    September, 2017


"great product awesome people"
julia pashco
julia pashco
"great product with lots of creativity ...we love vuuzle"
che carson
che carson
managing director
"The VUUZLE MEDIA CORPORATION will soon be an icon in the entertainment world."
The Groovie dance show
The Groovie dance show
"Wow, what a show and what a great group of people I love the channel."
vuuzle cozmo channel
vuuzle cozmo channel
"so many beautiful people and a great channel to watch. Love the people and the concept."
vuuzle fight network
vuuzle fight network
Jacob Stich Duran
"follow the Vuuzle Fight Network and follow your dreams."