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Visitbed INC

Visitbed INC

VisitBed is the next "Uber" in the global tourism Industry!

VisitBed is the next "Uber" in the global tourism Industry!


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Company Overview

Whether you want to visit the Seven Wonders of the World or have a peek around your new neighborhood. There are endless possibilities with Visitbed. Live online tours of Anywhere!

You can analyze various cultures and the lifestyle of different regions from your bed, before making a decision to actually visit or live in a place.

We offer choices of various regions, travel packages and the tour guide of your choice.

How would you feel about experiencing various sceneries, cultures and cuisines without having to really move?

Visit bed is a Virtual travel experience that slows you to visit most beautiful parts of the World live with a guide while staying in bed at a price of coffee.

Our servers are designed to take you anywhere in the world through just a series of clicks. Get live online tours of places on your wish list!

Time to Ignite the Traveler in you!

Here is a process flow of how Visit Bed works.

•Visit our website
•Select your Language and desired destination
•Choose your tour guide based on previous rating, your budget, and the language offered.
•Enjoy a live video experience with the tour guide, visiting food streets, historical monuments and all the famous places. We have 1 billion special places to show you.
•Get a video for you to relive the moments anytime you want
•Leave a review based on your experience

Visitbed has 1 international prize on Tourism International Exhibition in London and others at Gitex Superstar Expo in Dubai. Visitbed was first tested in 2017 at Romanian International Tourism Exhibition with 2 guides we go live from different cities one in Brasov and the other Bucharest. While we are inside of the exhibition Romanian official stand the first guide on Brasov Dracula castle Live. People from stand interact live with him asking questions about Dracula Castle's surroundings area, food and was great. Then we go on international tourism exhibition in London where we do the same thing live from Danube the guide it was in a boat live and believe me the people who visit the stand in 5 minutes they were about 200 they block the entrance of the stand it was amazing.

Visitbed is a unique live platform in the tourism industry. Fact that I also have the European patent for this web application. We will offer many services starting from moving to another location, you can book your tour guide to see your future location live, no photo editing, no video editing, just live with someone from there to give you all the tips that you need. When you book a tour you give a small amount of money ex 2 euro/dollar/pound which is a cup a coffee and you are able to see a place which you can not reach in this life, for example, Alaska, you can find someone from there shows you live the polar bear. The people with disabilities finally can see the places that you are so excited to see and they can't. The children can learn history, we will have history tours when people, for example, getting live from Buckingham Palace and tells history. The fact that we have the most present thing in our lives now which is the live streaming together with the human factor the guide, we are 150% prepare to deliver global many quality services with our tours. Final please check the traffic on the live webcam from the cities and you will be amazed how many people are looking live, the Tamisa live camera has almost in a day the traffic that porn hub das which is amazing. Also the Colosseum Live camera hundred of thousands of people watching live, those people are worldwide Visitbed users.

How I start this:

The idea of the project come to me 3 years ago when I was in the hospital with my girlfriend and there one woman speak's about her dream to see the Maroc before she dies.

At that moment something in my brain just "explode" and I get outside to call one good friend of mine who at that point was in Maroc. I told him the story and ask him if he can do a "tour" in Marrakesh, a live tour for that woman.

He calls me crazy but in the end, he does it. It was fantastic, the first tour was made phone/tablet with the lady and another 3 patients from the salon. The tears of joy of that woman and the strong emotions for this first tour, in the end, everyone was crying, me, other 3 patients, my friend from Maroc. On the second day, the story with the tour was on all over the cancer patient's floor and at that moment I knew that this has to be done. And the next day I was going on the floor ask them which country want to see live next.I call all my friends from Rio De Janeiro , London, Cairo, Berlin and we do 1 week of tours with friends in the cancer floor patients in Vienna. I bring in that week so strong emotion's and was the best start of my project.

So Visitbed is live online tours of anywhere at the price of a coffe!