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Company Overview

  1. Why We Started This Company

There is a major void in the evolution of the staffing industry. I’ve experienced both sides, one as a recruiter, noticing flaws in all systems when searching, finding and ultimately placing candidates. And the person looking for a job and how hard it was to get noticed on the on-line job boards or hoping to get a call back from the staffing agency or employer.

I believe employment is not just a means of compensation, it is a source of dignity and self-pride, which leads to a better quality of life. There are millions of people that go to brick and mortar staffing agencies as well as job boards and resume posting websites daily to find the right opportunity or candidate. As of 2015, Staffing Agencies placed 15.6 million temporary workers on a National level and encompassed all age groups ranging from 18 - 65 years of age from both genders. Job boards and Resume Posting websites also have on-line traffic in the millions and there is no guarantee of results for either the employer or the candidate. People want things quick -- like fast food restaurants-- they want it fast and they want it now and offers results instantaneously.

Companies are still and will always be clamoring for employees, and the option of temporary workers to be hired directly on-line is non-existent and I have created a platform where the environment for both the employer and the candidate offers a more precise platform, as both sides are the driver of their hiring process. "Your Job....Your Way" and vice versa, Your Hire....Your Terms".

What Sets Us Apart is a new breed in the employment marketplace of pre-vetted candidates, with a proprietary profile/video driven platform. The marketplace allows candidates to be hired on demand for a specific period of time, on a temporary, temp-perm and/or on a more permanent basis.

Instantaneous matches will alert the candidate of a job and the candidate can be dispatched to the assignment within the hour, while in-between jobs, want to work spontaneously or looking for a career change.

People can secure a job anytime, anywhere with flexible hours, days, weeks or even months, depending on how long they want to be on an assignment. Once a candidate is alerted of an assignment and they accept, shows them how to get there, and they just show up. If they are in need of a ride, they have the option to choose the type of transportation they need from one or several of the popular driver for hire companies or can be provided with a public transportation route schedule.

Candidates track their hours worked, choose how they want to be paid, all of which is completely done on-line without ever leaving their home or on the go-- via their mobile device, laptop and/or IPad and the service is free to employees. is also a marketplace for Employers, cutting out all the middlemen in the hiring process. Employers can either interview a potential candidate via their video option for direct hires or hire one of these already vetted candidates, on trial---as in---"try before you buy", to see if they will be a good fit for the duration of an assignment or longer. The marketplace is open to all experience levels, age groups and demographics. Employers have the ability to hire 24/7, even if they need 1-100 people to show up within the hour, in the middle of the night, or the very next day.

Our Keys To Success

Traditional personnel staffing agencies and Internet recruiting job boards are two entities trying to satisfy the employers’ and the employees’ needs, and they are not completely succeeding. The failure is due to gaps in both systems – traditional staffing and Internet recruiting websites.
The gaps exist because the two systems often duplicate each other’s activities and both are plagued by cumbersome, expensive, ineffective processes.
Until now, there has not been the one resource that offers it all.
Until now, there has not been one resource that combines the services of physical staffing agencies and Internet job boards.
Until now, too much money has been spent, and too many employers and job seekers have not found the right matches.
There are over 39,000 staffing agencies in the U.S., and these companies generated total annual revenue of more than $147 billion in sales in 2015, despite their hindrances.
Another trend is the growth of Internet resume/job posting websites and social media sites, such as LinkedIn and facebook. These sites also generate estimated total annual revenue in the billions. It is an interesting fact that these industries are heavily linked because traditional staffing firms and recruiters of companies rely profoundly on these sites to market job availability and to search for candidates to fill their employment needs. Staffing agencies that utilize these sites simply serve as middlemen, and are greatly dependent on these sites to keep their businesses afloat and stay competitive. However, these Internet recruiting sites also rely heavily on the exorbitant amount of fees collected from staffing agencies and companies to have access to their sites.
An analysis by, a Dunn & Bradstreet company stated “The Personnel Placement industry has been radically changed by the Internet. Personnel Agencies work as intermediaries by helping employers accurately describe job openings and screening candidates who submit applications. However, as sophisticated and automated job boards and career screening tools become available, many traditional functions of Personnel Agencies will become obsolete.”
There are 23,782,566 companies in the United States, private industry and government, using an outside traditional Staffing Agency to locate talent to fill their open positions, as well as the internet to recruit talent.
Many would agree that websites, such as and have become indispensable to both the corporate world and to the staffing world. While helpful, the process and the cost of using multiple vendors has become time-consuming and very costly, not to mention that the information the sites provide on candidates are oftentimes limited, and both are duplicating efforts.
After exhausting a substantial amount of time searching, recruiting, and interviewing, companies are now faced with having to pre-screen, background check, reference check and skill set test these potential hires. They are spending additional billions to other outside vendors that specialize in these functions, as well as their own in-house recruiters and HR staff to complete the process., is unique in its own right, as it gives job seekers and employers a successful approach of either getting the right job or the right fit quickly. People are moving faster, getting what they want at lightning speeds, there are more fast food chains, on-line shopping, banking, etc., all of which have burrowed its way in, people are creatures of their environment, they adapt and if it works they go with it, if it feels right they try it out, if they taste it and its different, they like it, they get addicted. Like Starbucks for example, one sip and people were hooked, like, one click and they are rescued. is a full open market, where both the employer and the candidate do not have to rely on someone else dictating what job they want to send you to and/or who shows up for work. offers jobs and a talent pool on all levels and in all categories with everything being done on-line, but in a more streamlined, effective environment.
All of the processes of temporary agencies, in-house recruiters, as well as all HR functions are completely done on-line.’s talent pool is either W-2 workers and/or permanently placed.