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Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab

Online platform for simulation of 3D assemblies specific to industrial equipment.

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Company Overview

Virtual Lab is the first 3D platform where students will learn to develop their engineering skills through assembly.

Integration with virtual reality makes learning more interactive and interesting.


The classical laboratories of the faculties in the field might not be equipped with all the tools that a virtual laboratory contains.

Access to the components of a real-life mechanical assembly is actually difficult compared to a virtual laboratory.

The actual time of assembling a real technical system is very high compared to the time required to assemble the same system in a virtual laboratory.


Virtual Lab allows simulation of 3D assemblies specific to industrial equipment.

In virtual environment the mechanical components of technical systems / equipment can be analyzed and visualized even if they are part of actual assemblies.


Market Size:

World University Rankings in 2019 by subject: engineering and technology (General Engineering) conducted on a sample of 776 universities shows that over 20 million students were enrolled in engineering studies.

Business Model:

Considering that 1% of the worldwide enrolled students in the field of Engineering will subscribe to Virtual Lab, the revenue is estimated over $12 M.


Cash Flow Positive


  • 8 virtual labs completed

    March, 2019
  • $54,905 - raised in 2017

    February, 2017