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VidVault, LLC

VidVault, LLC

Vidvault™ has patent pending technology, disruptive business model, sale of 300 body cams and evidence management SW to the State Department

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Company Overview

VidVault™ develops Innovative Body Worn Cameras (BWC), Video Speaker Microphones (VSM) and Evidence Management solutions for law enforcement, education, commercial, government and military security. Our private cloud platform strategy will disrupt the Body Worn Video market by providing an affordable solution while creating strong profits for VidVault, our partners and investors.

Customer Problem: The Cost of Video storage is recognized as the biggest problem facing the body camera industry now and in the future. VidVault’s private cloud Evidence solution is disruptive, costing as much as 40% less than other providers solutions and cutting storage costs by as much as 80% while providing high reliability and security compliance.

Product and Services: VidVault develops Evidence Management Software VidVault EMS™ and manufactures Body Worn Cameras. Our flagship VSM adds nothing to the uniform, whereas other providers require additional devices on the uniform. Both our cameras are rugged and feature carbon fiber cases using a patented process licensed only to VidVault.

Market: There are over 1 million officers and 17,000 agencies in North America alone with only 20% penetration; this does not include Education, Commercial, State, Federal agencies and the Military. A typical sale is for 5 years, this includes cameras, support, maintenance, software licensing and Storage. Revenue for a five year contract is $1,800 for in-house IT to $3,000 per officer for managed solution. Worldwide evidence management and Surveillance market is $28 Billion.

Sales/Marketing Strategy: VidVault™ has developed a strategic partner with 3 large companies with combined yearly revenues in excess of $30 billion. These partners have integrated VidVault™ products with their own products and services to capture the body camera and video storage market using their strong distribution channels and exhaustive relationships with government, municipalities and law enforcement.

Business Model: VidVault™ has strong relationships with distributors, contract developers, designers and manufacturers all managed by our employees which lowers our overall operational and marketing costs while giving VidVault™ the goto market strength of a very large company.

Competition: Current competitors include: 1) Existing BWC vendors, 2) On-Premise and Cloud Based evidence management software solutions 3) Commodity standalone camera companies. Our two biggest competitor are VieVu and Taser. Our Platform along with our strategic partners will help us dominate the market in the future.

Competitive Advantage: VidVault’s Video Speaker Mic (VSM) technology, along with all required accessories, leads our offering. We have the best low light AccuView™ technology in the market.. VidVault™ has patent pending technology, PowerShare™, solving one of the biggest problems in the industry ⎼ battery life. Our economical storage strategies will disrupt our competitors storage based business models making it difficult for them to maintain their position in this industry. Our people have over 90 years of combined business experience including engineering, software, hardware, IT, web, security, embedded systems, law enforcement and enterprise solutions.

Pitch Deck


  • Body Camera strategic, marketing, distribution and sales partnership with Arrow, NetApp and SHI (combined $30+ billion in revenues)

    February, 2017
  • $2.2 million raised, to date

    January, 2017
  • Patent pending “PowerShare” technology for extending the operational life of the video speaker mic

    January, 2017
  • 2 product engineering companies and 2 firmware and software companies join team

    January, 2017
  • All products designed and manufactured in the USA

    January, 2017
  • Both VSM100 and BWC100 are fully developed, tested and customer deployed and ready for market

    January, 2017


Sgt. Jeromy Orton
Sgt. Jeromy Orton
Granite School District Police Department
""We have been using the Video Speaker Mic for several years. It has been a workhorse and the VidVault team are real professionals. The VidVault solution securely monitors chain of custody and meets our video evidence management needs." "