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Replicating the success of Redbox in Mexico, with a dream management team and 25,000 existing customers.

Company Overview

Vidbox Mexico is bringing the success of Redbox to Mexico, with a dream management team including previous Redbox executive management.

The company obtained an license and non-compete from Redbox for Mexico.

The company has 25,000 customer actively renting from only 100 machines placed in key accounts in Tijuana, Mexico such as Wal-Mart, Soriana, 7-Eleven, Calimax, Farmacias Roma and more.

Vidbox is a fully automated video rental store kiosk contained in 12-square feet of retail space, featuring up to 200 titles and 950 discs.

For 92% of Mexican households that have a DVD player who are dissatisfied with special trips to a conventional video store or purchasing poor quality pirated DVDs

Vidbox provides an easy way to rent the latest new release movies at only $15 pesos per day (which is less than $1.00 US)

Vidbox brings the rental experience closer to the consumer where they already shop at a third of the price of the competition. Vidbox has already acquired the 4,000 machines necessary to roll-out the business plan nationwide in Mexico.

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25,000 Users
30 Employees

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    September, 2015
  • The company obtained a license and non-compete from Redbox for all of Mexico

    December, 2012
  • We procured 4,000 video rental kiosks from RedBox.

    May, 2015
  • Agreements with Major Retailers including Wall-Mart, Soriana, 7-Eleven, Comercial Mexicana, for national placement.

    May, 2014
  • Placed 100 Video Rental Kiosks in Tijuana, Mexico and quickly growing to 20,000 clients renting movies.

    June, 2014
  • Negotiated Movie Content form major studios & distributors including Tristar, Paramount, WB, Universal, Lionsgate, Fox, Walt Disney & Sony.

    June, 2013
  • More than 400,000 movie rentals to date only in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

    July, 2015
  • Raised over $4.5 Million from 9 investors over the last twelve months

    May, 2015