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Company Overview


VETO Fulda is a company in the wood industry. With the passion for creating parquets, tables and other things made out wood, we want to serve more people than we did before.

Our Mission Statement:

"We deliver high quality products and services satisfying specific needs of our respective customers."


Here you can see our simplified process of how we create our products.

1). Forest: Our company is located in an area where oak and beech forests are very common. Before we start cutting down the forests, we make sure that the forest can grow enough and even bigger.


2). Round Wood: Our professional loggers make sure that our beeches and oaks are delivered to us as roundwood. These lay the foundation for our production.


3). Sawmill: Now the wood has to be cut into different lengths and sizes. For this we use precise and advanced machines. It is also important to us that a high level of safety is provided for our workers.


4). Timber: After the wood has been sawn into various sizes and lengths, these are carefully and well-organized.


5). Drying chamber: Now the most important part is: the drying of the wood. Here it is very important that different products need various drying periods in the drying chamber. The wood dries here for about one to two months.


6). Solid wood plates: When the wood is finished drying, these are wood panels. They lay the foundation for our production, as we can go from them in different directions. Sometimes customers just want to buy these boards. But in the largest case our product portfolio is built from them.


7). Final products: Now that the plates have laid the foundation, we use them to build our product portfolio. This consists of tables, chairs, nightstands, chests and more. Take a look at our portfolio for yourself.


This proposal is for the Acquisition Opportunity of the following company:


Vedrana d.o.o.

Radnička cesta 39

HR - 10000 Zagreb


Business Summary:

Vedrana D.O.O. is a wood processing company that operates on an integrated site and produces solid wood panels, solid furniture and floorings.

The product portfolio today includes a wide range of wooden plates and panels.

The Company is privately owned and the production facilities located in Croatia. With approximately 110 employees, the Company was very profitable in 2017, however there is a certain need for reorganization.

Currently, the company does not use full production capacities. Therefore, there is a potential for a significant increase in production capacity and extension of the production assortment.

The company Vedrana d.o.o. was founded in 1998 and it started the production of edged glued and finger jointed solid panels in 2011.

In the period from 2015 till 2017 the company expanded its production capacities to 450 m3 / per month of massive (solid) oak and beech panels, with a yearly production in 2017 of more than 4,000 m3 of final panels.

The factory produces edged glued and finger jointed solid oak, ash and beech panels class A/B and B/C, oak and ash wooden floorings, oak and beech massive panels.

The company employs 110 people and 95% of products is exported to the EU countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, France).

The company wishes to increase the production capacities and start further development of the production plant, more specifically they want to become more final product oriented (start the production of tables, beds and floorings).

The investment would secure employment of at least 30 new people.

The plan is also to build briquette factory with the capacity of 100 t / per month and co-generation power plant of 1.2 MWh of electrical energy and 3.8MWh of heat energy.

This business plan highlights the key concepts of the product design and development, as well as explains the fundamental values and organization of Vedrana D.o.o.

The required investment is for: modernization of production lines for the production of massive wood panels and production of multilayer glued flooring panels from thin plates and veneers; purchase of new production line with sawmill and finishing; purchase of CNC machines for furniture processing (tables, beds, chest of drawers, chairs); electrical substation of 3MW capacity; and for working capital.

Until now, the project holder has selected the equipment for the drying plant, has signed contract for design and consulting services, the new silos and the ventilation equipment with the return of warm air have been installed.

Additional land and hall have been purchased. A new drying plant (1,200 m3) and steaming chamber currently being constructed.

The area where the plant is located is rich in forests of deciduous trees.

For this acquisition we need $20,000,000.00 US Dollar.


$22,742,100.00 Sales
Cash Flow Positive
10.54% ROI

Pitch Deck


  • Raise the first funds from the Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    October, 2019
  • Run & Marketing Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    September, 2019
  • Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    September, 2019
  • Prepare Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    September, 2019
  • Writing of Business Plan.

    September, 2019


Ineke Bekker - Verbeek
Ineke Bekker - Verbeek
Managing Director of AJ Timber, The Netherlan
"We have worked with the company VETO Fulda and Mr. Tomislav Tomic, on the development of a market entry strategy (parquet flooring) for selected German markets. We are very satisfied with the implementation of the task and the concrete project results. We are now able to successfully open up new sales markets in Germany for our high-quality product portfolio. We can only recommend the company VETO Fulda and Mr. Tomislav Tomic without hesitation. "
Maximillian Prinz
Maximillian Prinz
Managing Director of Prinz Works, Germany
"I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Mr. Tomislav Tomic. Working with Mr. Tomic and his company was very exciting and productive. For me, the human aspect is very important in a collaboration. Mr. Tomic and I understood each other perfectly right from the start and we communicated effectively. "
Matthias Kroell
Matthias Kroell
Managing Director of My Pellets Handels GmbH,
"Hello: The cooperation with Mr. Tomic and his company VeTo Fulda is great. Mrs. Tomic and Mr. Tomic are very competent, are always available to answer our questions by phone or e-mail and always give prompt answers. Matthias Kroell, Managing Director My Pellets Handels GmbH / "