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Vanessa Blake Cosmetics Holdings Inc

Vanessa Blake Cosmetics Holdings Inc

Vanessa Blake Cosmetics is a company that has created a brand concept consisting of makeup, bespoke cosmetics and skin & body care products

Company Overview

We are an emerging cosmetics and skincare company that has created a brand concept consisting of makeup and other bespoke cosmetics and skin and body care products. We utilize multiple channels of distribution.

The core of the Vanessa Blake Cosmetics brand is our proprietary hybrid of a “custom blend,” or “bespoke” minerals-based, natural ingredients makeup company that also delivers a well-being approach to beauty through its skin care emphasis. Vanessa Blake Cosmetics has a unique approach to color, personality and individual beauty that has been developed over years in conjunction with clinical practitioners, starting out in holistic beauty and skincare formulations for medically accredited procedures.

The Vanessa Blake Cosmetics vision is to be the industry leader in pure-grade, mineral formulations - catering for every skin tone and needs – not just the mainstream. Our mission is to establish the company as the brand for pure mineral skincare cosmetics and provide truly exceptional bespoke solutions. “Bespoke” is a realtime, personally-tailored product that can be offered quickly in front of and in consultation with the customer while she waits. Vanessa Blake Cosmetics sees its differentiation as its ability to deliver premium, natural products and unrivaled bespoke solutions, quickly, expertly, consistently and affordably.

Vanessa Blake Cosmetics is a multi-channel concept of retail strategy, e-commerce, and a direct-to-consumer channel because the face of retailing is changing. These changes have created the need for a new business model. We believe that this model will eliminate the need for a traditional brick and mortar retailer to open thousands of doors in order to reach the market, yet not eliminate the need for brick and mortar entirely. This need for a new business model means that Vanessa Blake Cosmetics has a dual sales strategy for its Bespoke by Vanessa Blake Blending Bar. Its blending bars will be highlighted within high-end retail locations as well as its standalone kiosks in selected, popular mall locations in the U.S. and U.K.

Puriskin is our flagship product. It is a high-performance resurfacing option for face and body. Targeted face and body smoothing solutions to resurface skin without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. All Skin care products are:

• Paraben-free

• Cell-Repairing

• Skin-soothing and Protective

• Rich in Antioxidants

• Deeply Hydrating

Puriskin aims to become the product of choice for consumers in search of lasting and effective solutions for a variety of commonplace skin conditions - Unexplained Rash, Eczema, Knee Surgery – scarring, Keloid Scar Tissue and Stretch marks. Puriskin is ideally targeting the consumer who would traditionally reach for Bio Oil or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Proven highly effective in clinical practice, Puriskin has received a range of support from key areas including medical endorsement from respected practitioners in the field of medicine.

We will implement the following strategies to become a leading independent 360 trading and manufacturing US lifestyle product and beauty company:

• Build strong brand recognition and leverage the brand equities affiliated with our partner companies and licensed brands.

• Develop key industry relationships with stylists, designers, PR firms, suppliers, manufactures, innovators and others.

• Provide a compelling presentation of products and services to encourage trial and purchase, and excite recommendations.

• Leverage our technology investments to create a measurable marketing and e-commerce platform that enables measurability, personalization and integration with our partners and consumers

• Provide a high level of personalized service and inventive products.

• Build an “A-list” of experienced and passionate professionals; establish a standout service based company. We recently included our products in BirchBox. We believe that beauty boxes like BirchBox are ideal marketing tools as they allow our brand to target a more diverse audience and help to increase website traffic and sales, as once a product is tried, if it’s liked, it develops brand loyalty leading to repeat purchases.