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Valencia Technologies Corporation

Valencia Technologies Corporation

Radically small, low-cost, easy to implant neurostimulators

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Valencia Technologies was founded upon a plan to create tiny, low-cost neurostimulators for the treatment of major chronic conditions like hypertension.

What Sets Us Apart

Founded upon the top leadership talent of Jeff Greiner, neural engineering knowledge of Dave Peterson, and electrode and mechanical packaging expertise of Chula Thenuwara, Valencia's team is unmatched in its mission to create low-cost neurostimulators for chronic conditions. The technology is unlike any neurostimulation device on the market. It's 1/8th the volume of the smallest pacemaker-like device, low-cost to produce, and simple to implant.

Our Keys To Success

Valencia has done the work to design, develop, and test (in its first application) its tiny neurostimulator for the treatment of chronic conditions. Its leadership, team, and product underlie these accomplishments and will push forward for Valencia's next steps on its path to success: a successful FDA trial and a robust sales force.


  • Successful internal audit for 13485 certification.

    May, 2014
  • One patent issued and 18 utility patent applications pending before the USPTO.

    June, 2014
  • The early clinical results show clinically significant reductions in blood pressure using the gold standard measurement.

    September, 2014