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variLux, Inc.

variLux, Inc.

It's the Right Thing to Do ...

Company Overview


LED Streetlights are Not the Future

There are 300 Million streetlights in the world today. variLux is a patented, 3-Terminal Streetlight Dimmer that saves electricity and reduces maintenance costs. variLux pays for itself in as little as three-years. And, the American Medical Association (AMA) now warns LED Streetlights are so hazardous to human-health and environment, they may even cause cancer.

About 5 years ago, LED Streetlights were touted as the solution cities needed to reduce electricity and maintenance costs. We now know that LED Streetlights Never Pay for Themselves. At best, LED Streetlights only last about 12 years, which is roughly equal to their payback period. By the time the investment is recouped, LED Streetlights need to be replaced.

Depending on the cost of electricity and on the cost of maintenance, variLux starts yielding positive cash flow for cities in as little as 3 years. The graph below shows that variLux pays for itself in 5 years when used in Southern California with a 150 Watt HPS fixture. LED streetlights produce less and less light over time, this effect is called "Lumen Depletion".


Patented 3-Terminal Technology Means Cost Effective Installation

Patented in the USA, Mexico and Russia, variLux replaces a photo-controller used on existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Streetlights. This means cities don’t need to waste money buying very expensive LED Streetlights. variLux is Internet-of-Things (IoT) Ready so that every streetlight can be controlled and monitored. And, variLux supports Smart City initiatives using its low-cost, high speed back channel.


variLux Means Net Savings

Retrofitting a 150 Watt HPS fixture costs about $200 with variLux, including installation. Replacing a 150 Watt HPS fixture with an intelligent LED streetlight costs $550, almost 3 times as much. When a city installs variLux, they start saving money in as little as three years.


Streetlight electricity accounts for 35% to 50% of a city's electric budget. variLux cuts power usage by 30% and increases lamp-life by 30%. LED Streetlights save about 45% on electricity, but that extra energy savings can’t justify their higher price tag. Before the real cost of LED Streetlights began to emerge, over a dozen cities in California, Arizona and Mexico wanted to try variLux. variLux is the only cost-effective solution for reducing streetlight energy and maintenance costs. And, even though the AMA LED Hazard Report was published in June 2016, cities are still questioning the safety of LED lighting.

Intelligent Light Conservation

varilux includes many features that save energy and reduce maintenance costs. Only variLux combines all of these powerful capabilities into an easy to install device.

A Stepless Dimmer provides smooth dimming that is not perceptible to the human eye. This Stepless Dimmer supports a Lumen Maintenance function. Lumen Maintenance regulates the amount of light produced over the life of the newly installed bulb. All of this is radio controlled with an IoT data connection allowing cities to retrieve maintenance data and power usage.


Made in the USA

In an era of gross trade imbalance, variLux is MADE IN THE USA. Electronic components are assembled onto circuit boards and each unit is assembled and tested in California, all at costs competitive with foreign assembly. Cities that purchase variLux will realize Positive Cash Flow and will create jobs in the Land of Liberty, the United States of America. And, variLux isn't just a concept, it is ready for production right now. It has been field tested and all that remains is to obtain safety certifications (e.g. UL Listing), which will take about 3 months.


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