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Technology that drives high impact mentorship programs for colleges and organizations

Company Overview

The Problem:

Only 12% of military veterans who go to college end up graduating leaving 1.1 million students at risk each year and $16 billion revenue opportunity lost from annual tuition.

The Solution:

For colleges and organizations struggling with retention, Uvize provides software that drives high impact mentorship programs.

Uvize started with the mission of Academic Success for Military Veterans. This is still a national problem that we address with a powerful combination of mentorship and preparatory education, and we continue to launch programs for veterans in higher education.

The Opportunity:

CEO Dave Cass (former Navy pilot and college professor) developed content/curriculum with 92% graduation rate which was validated via a 2,000 student pilot program.

Uvize turned this content/curriculum into scalable P2P collaborative technology with a $10,000 subscription fee per school and a $250 tuition per student.


  • $300K 2015 estimated run rate

    March, 2015
  • 30,000 students and staff on platform via 19 organizations

    March, 2015
  • 26,000 new students starting summer 2016 via 11 newly signed organizations

    March, 2015
  • Sold 6,000+ textbooks to over 200 universities nationwide

    March, 2015
  • Partnered with schools including Duke, University of Massachusetts, George Washington and more

    February, 2015
  • Won GSV Education Technology 2014 ‘Return on Education’ Award (out of 300 companies)

    January, 2015


Jason Mendelson
Jason Mendelson
Co-Founder at Foundry Group
"We love the team and believe the nascent market will be a large one. They are making a huge impact in higher ed and I believe their platform has tremendous application outside of colleges as well."
Logan Mehl-Laituri
Logan Mehl-Laituri
Duke University Veterans Association
"It’s difficult for veterans on campus to identify and engage with one another proactively. Uvize has given us the means to improvise, adapt and overcome."
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson
Director of Veterans Affairs at John Carroll
"Uvize is the foundation of our online presence. A very responsive way to incorporate mentorship to our student veterans."