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L Brent Ivie

L Brent Ivie

Dragonfly Solutions, Inc., CEO and Co-Founder

  • Location Salt Lake City, Utah, US
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CEO and Co-Founder of Dragonfly Solutions, a national Benefit Corporation dedicated to providing cash rewards and sustainable new revenue streams to U.S. schools for measured energy savings and clean energy projects. Dragonfly manufactures patent-pending energy efficiency products that integrate seven proven energy technologies coupled with proprietary Environmental Certificate generation that rewards schools with new sources of revenue. Dragonfly helps K-12 Schools capture the full value of their renewable energy and energy efficiency efforts and generate revenue beyond the savings created at the meter. Monetizing the energy assets created from capital projects that reduce energy use or produce alternative energy can create significant revenue streams. Clean Skies Certificates for Education Program supports the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at K-12 schools and maximizes the financial benefit of energy management efforts. Sales of Clean Skies Certificates help to lower the high cost of education and assist teachers and students. Participation in the Clean Skies for Education Program sends a powerful message about how much businesses and individuals care for the environment and the community. Buyers of Clean Skies Certificates help to provide a better quality of life for U.S. communities and make a difference in creating a better future for our children. Dragonfly is focused on sustainability and upholding the principals of social, environmental and economic stewardship. Specialties: Environmental Certificate monetization for K-12 Schools, energy efficiency technologies, REC & EEC generation, power quality systems, renewable energy systems, energy management systems, real-time energy monitoring, demand side management, load shedding, utility billing consulting, sustainability, recurring revenues, investment incentivies

Work Experience

CEO and Co-Founder

Dragonfly Solutions, Inc.

September 2011 - Present

Dragonfly Solutions Inc. manufactures patent-pending energy- and money-saving technology solutions in the U.S. for K-12 Schools and Universities. Dragonfly's School Energy Efficiency Development (SEED) Program helps schools save energy while producing new revenue streams from verified energy projects.

CEO & Founder

FutureSmart Networks

January 1992 - December 2004

Manufacturer and designer of intelligent building network systems, automation, energy saving, lighting systems, fiber optics, solar energy, energy efficiency, audio/video distribution, lighting control, energy management, web based remote control, computer networks, phone networks, HVAC control, security systems, structured wiring systems


Ivie Electric & Integrated Electronic Systems

1980 - 2004

Electrical contracting, energy efficiency services, electronic contracting, automation systems, network systems, programming, solar electric systems, generators, lighting design, energy management, manufacturing, home automation, audio/video, LED, fiber optics, computer networking, controls, integration, installation, design, build

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