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UFan8: The LIVE Performance, Fan Economy Platform

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Company Overview

UFan8 is a Fan Economy Platform (FEP), a LIVE performance platform combining aspects of YouTube, Pop Idol, Twitch, eSports, MCNs, YouTube Stars, Music and Performances.

UFan8 allows Performers to showcase themselves in real-time, LIVE for the world to view. This is done over the Web and Mobile. One Performers can broadcast themselves to thousands of simultaneous viewers using our FEP platform. In turn, our commerce component, explained below, allows the easy and free exchange of commerce of virtual and real-world items. All the while, UFan8 takes 40-50% commission.

LIVE video is the future and UFan8 is a platform that can be distributed in multiple countries providing Social TV at each point.

UFan8 is all about THE FAN ECONOMY: a community of fans, with strong affinity for a brand, cultivated and invested by a brand that eventually drives business value:

  1. Establish a Fan centric eco-system
  2. Build a social brand
  3. Unleash Fans Value

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