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Direct patient-to-specialist web app

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Company Overview

Who we are...

UBERDOC is the patient to specialist (P2S) direct access web app.

What we do...

The UBERDOC web app instantly connects patients needing urgent medical care directly to a choice of specialists without requiring a referral, insurance paperwork or having to wait many months for an appointment.

Why it matters...

The bureaucracy of today's overburdened healthcare system makes it impossible for a patient requiring urgent medical care to immediately get an appointment with the best specialist for their needs.

Why it's better...

Patients in need of urgent medical care are immediately granted direct access to a choice of the best specialists and instantly offered an accelerated appointment date with virtually no wait time.

How it works...

Doctors join the directory for free. Doctors must be board certified/eligible, in active practice, and affiliated with a hospital to participate. They are ranked only by location and availability. Patients pay $300 with their Health Savings Account or credit card for the initial appointment. All subsequent care can be through insurance.

How UBERDOC makes money...

UBERDOC makes $25 per patient transaction. Patients pay $50 for the appointment hold, and $250 after the completed appointment.

Marketing Strategy...

  • Social Media
  • Partnerships with Employers and benefits departments
  • Partnerships with walk-in clinics and fitness centers


  • Incorporated as LLC

    March, 2016
  • MVP completed

    November, 2016
  • MVP launch to beta testers

    December, 2016
  • Trademark established

    January, 2017
  • Engaged public relations firm

    February, 2017
  • Brand positioning established

    March, 2017
  • Engaged social media team, launch to patients

    October, 2017
  • First partnership with an Employer

    February, 2018
  • Launch of UBERDOC 2.0 - pivot from subscription to transaction

    March, 2018


""I chose UBERDOC because the appointment scheduling was super easy. I am not from the area, so I did not really have a preferred doctor, but rather wanted an appointment as soon as possible.""
"I received inconclusive results from my mammogram. My follow-up appointment wasn't scheduled for another couple of weeks. I was so scared. I saw an UBERDOC right away.""
""I've been trying to see a local orthopedic for years, but I've always been referred far away. With UBERDOC, I got to choose a specialist near me.""
""I've been waiting for this!""