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Private investigations made affordable, reliable and transparent

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Company Overview

Trustify provides trust and safety in both the digital and physical worlds through our vast network of on-demand Private Investigators.

By removing the large retainers and high hourly rates that traditional detective agencies demand, we have democratized PI services so that they are now accessible to the average consumer for a plethora of common, every day use cases.

We are expanding the market while we disrupt it.

Common jobs include:

  • Personalized background checks by a human when it matters most
  • Find & locate: a contractor to serve, a childhood friend or relative for a reunion, birth parents for adoptees
  • Augmenting the local police in missing persons cases
  • Keeping children safe online and in the physical world
  • Background check + "secret shopping" nannies, babysitters, marketplace and on-demand service providers
  • Online dater verification
  • Supporting attorneys and their clients on cases
  • Divorce & child custody
  • Cheating & infidelity


  • Consumer iOS and Android App v2.0

    April, 2016


Marvin Liao
Marvin Liao
Partner, 500 Startups
"This is a space that needs to be brought into the 21st century & excited by the team & the potential of the marketplace here."
Phil Nadel
Phil Nadel
Co-Founder of Barbara Corcoran VP
"Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners believes that Trustify meets all of the criteria for a successful marketplace opportunity – strong management team, clear business plan and passion to succeed. A great combination."