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Trusti - The Blockchain Securities Compliance Infrastructure Advised by Former SEC, IRS and Nasdaq Leadership.

Company Overview


The global identification, compliance and fraud detection platform for regulated institutions and assets.


Trusti, is the answer to the regulatory issues facing the emerging security token economy. By creating the identity and compliance infrastructure of the blockchain securities era, Trusti is positioning itself as the heartbeat of blockchain compliance.

Trusti is backed by leading experts from the traditional banking and regulation sectors, including former senior personnel from the IRS, SEC and NASDAQ is our answer to this problem.

TRUSTI Certification :

Trusti offers a novel and practical solution to incorporate blockchain technology into the mainstream economy through identified and accredited cryptocurrency wallets.
Merging proven Public Key Infrastructure (and its Certification Authorities and procedures) with blockchain infrastructure to create a means for blockchain wallet holders to be identified and verified. Our identity and accreditation verification mechanism operates for both individuals and institutions:


TRUSTI Terminal :

The Trusti Terminal enables the ability to search for identity and accreditation information to reveal important information about a particular user or users. For example a company undergoing a Security Token Offering can filter for all users that are accredited investors to maximise their target market while remaining fully compliant. Additionally, users or organisations can see wallets connected to fraudulent or otherwise illegal activities - and degrees to which other wallets are connected to those fraudulent transactions.


Blockchain: The Existing Problem

While global enterprise has embraced blockchain technology, and its potential to revolutionise the way in which aspects of industry can function, the same advantages that make it appealing, expose new risks. While the birth of cryptocurrency was based on aspects that are advantageous to global enterprise (such as speeding up and scaling transactions), many attributes (such as anonymity at all cost), can harm enterprise and those they serve as clients.

While true anonymity is an extreme example of the drawbacks facing enterprise wishing to embrace blockchain, the lack of appropriate means to certify the identity of parties to a transaction is a widespread issue preventing advancement in multiple areas, such as securities trading.

Industries that are most reticent to adopt blockchain infrastructure are apprehensive because of a disconnect between expected and traditional transacting protocols and what currently exists on the blockchain. These industries express a strong willingness to harness blockchain's power but cannot do so because of, among others, integration issues.

- 81% Announced ICOs in 2017 were fraudulent

- 6% of Bitcoin have been stolen at least once

- 10% ICO funds lost to hackers/scammers

- $9m Lost daily to crypto scams

Use Cases:

The Trusti platform has limitless applications including:



Trusti is positioning to be the heartbeat of global blockchain regulation and compliance. At Trusti, we believe that while blockchain technology brings numerous advantages to global enterprise, it must not be fertile ground for money laundering, fraud and tax evasion.
We are committed to working alongside our advisors from the banking and regulation community to ensure Trusti always remains a solution driven by the requirements of mainstream finance.

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