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Tribune Media Group, LLC

Tribune Media Group, LLC

The Tribune is an advertising vehicle which happens to be in the form of a newspaper mailed to a massive local audience.

Ashburn, Virginia, US

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Company Overview


Loudoun County, VA is the wealthiest and fastest growing counties in the U.S. with 380K residence, 120K homes and 10K+ businesses, located just outside of Washington, D.C.

Lacking was a county-wide community newspaper. We created, The Loudoun Tribune. The Tribune is a non-subscription weekly printed newspaper with a massive mailed circulation. Essentially, the Tribune is an advertising vehicle which happens to be in the form of a newspaper. Revenue is generated through display advertising sales with a projection of 5MM GR in 2017.

Revenue is generated by providing a vehicle for advertisers in retail, service and professional segments to cost effectively reach a massive audience.

The call for a mass advertising vehicle of this nature has been and is tremendous. Our largest hurdle is projected as having too many advertisers and not enough space (we have solutions).


The Tribune is a non-subscription weekly printed newspaper. Starting at 40 pages and strategically growing to 72 pages, The Tribune is mailed to 113,600 residential addresses in Loudoun County. This massive circulation, covering 95% of the county’s homes, makes The Tribune the only true countywide print publication and through its main revenue stream, The Tribune will generate over 5MM in GR in 2017.

The Tribune will also be the largest circulated newspaper in Loudoun (by double), the largest mailed newspaper in Virginia, the largest weekly newspaper in Virginia and the 2nd largest newspaper, daily or weekly, in Virginia.

The Tribune has an accompanying news website with updated daily news at, social media presence on Facebook and Twitter as well as a large opt-in email list for daily email blasts. All of which influence revenue or pull as a separate revenue source.

News content will be fact based, forward looking, apolitical, fair, accurate and feature based.

TMG is a for profit business. Profits will be generated through the sale of advertising space in the print and online publications. The Tribune, as most nonsubscription newspapers, will be an advertising vehicle in the form of a newspaper, operating with a balance of content that is approximately 60% advertising and 40% editorial.

Structurally, instead of being a core group of journalists who use a secondary staff to sell advertising and support overhead, the business model and core competency surrounds a sales team that generates advertising revenue while employing highly skilled editors and journalists to produce public facing content.

The problems resolved are threefold. One, having a true countywide newspaper reaching the dense east and rural west. Two, providing a vehicle for advertisers in retail, service and professional segments to cost effectively reach a massive audience. Three, providing news and information in an unbiased manner which lends credibility for The Tribune and its advertisers.


Three (3) test publications published/circulated w/tremendous response to complete proof of concept in our first round.

July, 2016

First round of funding for $200K was completed to develop and prove "proof-of-concept." POC included a fully operational company.

August, 2016

Currently we are signing large insertion orders/contracts for company's '17 advertising budgets. We have nearly $500K signed in 30 days.

September, 2016


I own a 40 year old family printing business and have know Brian and Tom for many years. The idea, concept and business model for the Tribune is absolutely on target and needed in Loudoun. I did not come in until the second round but the projections offered are very conservative--once this is launched, sales will exceed projections by a long shot. -- Nathaniel Grant, GAM Printing, Sterling, VA.
Nathaniel Grant Investor
Nathaniel Grant
As the owner of many restaurants in the area and as an advertiser, when presented with the opportunity to invest in what will be the largest advertising platform in the area, it was a no-brainer to invest as I know the demand. -- Keith Early,
Keith Early Investor
Keith Early