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Tri-Max Electric Vehicles

Tri-Max Electric Vehicles

The Most Efficient Electric Vehicle in the World

Company Overview

We formed Tri-Max Electric Vehicles to provide an alternative to conventional automotive products. A three wheel vehicle is the most efficient way to get two occupants down the road safely. Electric motors have a long working life with one moving part and lithium batteries are said to be good for 2,000 charges or, in other words, 20 years with normal use. Nationally, the average driver goes 250 miles per week (at the top end of most estimates) so we developed a vehicle for daily commuting that would require charging only once or twice a week. In building the proof of concept prototype we used off-the-shelf components as much as possible to keep future production costs down and completed the prototype for about $12,000 in parts. We can produce safe, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly vehicles that will sell for about half the price of any other electric vehicle currently in the marketplace. Due to the simplicity of the drive train and the longevity of the battery pack the operational costs of this vehicle will be lower than any other vehicle on the road. These factors will certainly pique the interests of buyers who are searching for an affordable and environmentally friendly form of transportation as well as those who just want to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B‘ efficiently. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it is fun to drive and attracts the interests of people everywhere it goes. We ask you to invest with us so we can provide environmentally friendly transportation products at affordable prices while making healthy profits for investors.

Elio, Sonders, and Aptera

Our team members have developed, manufactured, and marketed products over a period of decades with a good track record. For those who have been drawn into the three-wheeler market by startups with unrealistic prices or expectations we will offer you a credit for the deposits spent for those undelivered products up to $500.00.