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Toast Labs, Inc.

Toast Labs, Inc.

Instagram meets Yelp for Finding the Best Dishes in Town.

Company Overview

"TOAST is a mobile app for food lovers searching for the best dishes. No more sorting through complaints about service or ramblings on pricing, true foodies can get straight to what matters – the food." - Ashley King, CEO

So how does it actually work? Toast provides personalized recommendations at the dish-level for every restaurant that you visit. Your dish recommendations will be unique to you because they are based upon people you follow and then further refined by people you select as “Trusted” for their tastes – think of them as your Taste Buds. By browsing through photos and ratings of dishes individually recommended for you (each dish is ranked according to your preferences, people you trust, overall popularity, and distance), Toast will make sure that you do not order the spaghetti and meatballs at a sushi restaurant – unless of course everyone tells you they are the best meatballs in town!


6 Employees


  • Members of founding team grew their last venture, The Honest Company, to a $1B valuation in 4 years

    August, 2015
  • Equity partnerships in the works with other millennial influencers with over 30,000,000 followers

    August, 2015
  • iOS + Android app scheduled to release in Fall 2015

    August, 2015


Brian Lee
Brian Lee
CEO & Co-Founder at The Honest Company
"I helped create the idea because this is what people want. People want to know what to order when they are at a restaurant, and they want to share and communicate with their food loving friends. I am a big believer in TOAST, just as I was a big believer in The Honest Company."