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Tii Wallet

Tii Wallet

Crypto asset manager on your phone

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Company Overview

Tii Wallet, Crypto asset manager on your phone

Are your tired of keep tracking your crypto charts? Missing the opportunities to buy and sell at the right moment, exchange glitches, too late to find out about some exciting ICOs and altcoins skyrocketed. Or simply couldn’t trade while you are sleeping!
With Tii Wallet, you can be rest assured.
Tii Wallet is the first crypto wallet that help you manage your assets all on your phone!

What is does:

  • Wallet - Highest level of security to keep your Cryptocurrency
  • Send/Receive Cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto asset Management fund, deposit/withdraw to the funds instantly
  • Choose from different crypto strategies funds handpicked and managed by professional investors and consultants
  • Watch your fund performance in real time



Crypto in, Crypto out. The wallet and fund function are all operated on Bitcoin/Ether base (easy and faster to convert to altcoins). Investors will see their portfolio values in Bitcoin/Ether currency. There’s no fiat trading on the platform.

Tii funds offer different strategy portfolios for you to compare, choose and invest.

Move your crypto in and out from your wallet to funds instantly. Crypto pool to provide withdraw.

Asset managers will actively diversify and trade crypto to minimize risk and outperform the single token.

All funds operations are block chain validated, thanks to the block chain technology and open ledger protocol! We keep tracking each transaction.


  • John has bought 100 Ethers, but the price is fluctuated rapidly, he does not have all the time to watch the chart and trade. John can choose single crypto active management strategy, which can outperform the Ethereum baseline and gaining more profit.
  • Kevin wants to diversify his portfolio, he invests 500 Ethers to Tii Diversified funds which allocate the portfolios in top 20 tokens, weighted differently and actively trading between tokens, therefore the risk is much lower than Kevin’s own passive diversify portfolio.
  • Laura is big fan of ICOs. But she might not have enough information and knowledge from hundreds or even thousands ICOs around the world. Our ICO fund is focus on valuable companies and technology ICOs, even pre-ICOs. ICO fund is a great vehicle for early stage investors.

Pitch Deck


  • domain

    February, 2018
  • Beta landing page launch

    March, 2018
  • App Coding and design beta

    April, 2018
  • iOS app launch

    May, 2018
  • First crypto fund launch equivalent to $100k

    June, 2018