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Tieback Realty Finance, Inc.

Tieback Realty Finance, Inc.

Real Estate Crowdfinance for Professionals

Newport Beach, California, US

real estate, technology, financial services, tech startup

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Company Overview

The problem our company endeavors to solve is the inability of many institutional investors to locate enough suitable real estate investments to meet their mandates. A recent survey by Cornell University Baker Program in Real Estate indicated that allocated but not invested capital exceeds $70B for the 231 institutions that responded out of 3,000 sent the survey. Our leadership team and advisors have 300+ years of relevant experience in real estate, finance and technology needed to succeed. We have access to institutional deal flow to meet the unsatisfied demand. We will be successful by leveraging our industry relationships and by implementing a patient marketing program that builds confidence in the crowdfinance model.


Cash Flow Positive
5 Employees

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Initial decision taken to developed a real estate crowdfund strategy after careful study.

July, 2012

Plan evolved to focus on sophisticated investors and institutional quality deals.

April, 2014

Tieback Realty Finance launched with the vision to be the real estate crowdfinance marketplace for sophisticated investors.

July, 2014

Key members of leadership team completed, strategic partners aligned, and initial deal flow secured.

October, 2014

Convertible Note Offering open for investors and website launched.

February, 2015

Omar Habbal joined our team as Chief Information Officer. He will focus on enhancing and optimizing our platform.

February, 2015


Team Member Name

Manny Ramirez

Lead Associate

Manny starting working for Tieback before entering business school at USC Marshall. He remains active on a part-time basis until graduation. Read More Unverified