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Activate & Impact your Community

Company Overview

As Urbanists and Technologists, we started thrdPlace because we see there is a massive need and opportunity to connect the resources of our community to improve the places that we all consider to be our home.

Until now, there has been no single place where we can all be leaders or followers in an effort to create the change we seek…together. 84% of consumers believe companies should be supporting their local communities and 91% of consumers are willing to switch loyalty based on causes they support. Yet, 71% of consumers are confused by what organizations are doing in their communities.

Each year, Individuals and organizations alike invest millions of dollars and volunteer hours to engage local communities. Now on thrdPlace, we can all use a data driven, community-centric platform to connect with friends and neighbors as well as local and international organizations to do just that.

thrdPlace is:

1.A SaaS platform that provides the tools for organizations to measure or track the value created by their investment and then re target their efforts.

2.A community organizing platform for citizens to activate the resources they know exist in their neighborhoods, connect with organizations with aligned motivations and improve their shared communities.


$240,000 Sales
70,000 Users
7 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • $240,000 in Revenue & 75,000 users

    June, 2015
  • Qualified total pipeline of $1M+ in revenue. Includes Disney, Chevron, CocaCola, Patagonia and other fortune 500 brands

    June, 2015
  • Averaging 110K Social Impressions per Project

    October, 2014
  • 2014 Outstanding Small Business; City of Los Angeles SBDC

    April, 2014
  • Selected as a Whitehouse Champion of Change

    June, 2014
  • Selected as an Esri Startup Partner

    March, 2014


Barack Obama
Barack Obama
President of the United States
"It’s going to be up to you, this generation, to come up with innovative, creative ideas and then to help mobilize the passion and energy that you’re showing in the private sector ... Some of you may know that I started off as a community organizer, so I could have used thrdPlace. Resources, networks, people who want to volunteer… They are all now able to go to thrdPlace. If I want to get something started, I can recruit and solicit folks to be involved. That’s powerful!"
Nona Evans
Nona Evans
Director, Whole Kids Foundation
"thrdPlace is an exciting, intuitive platform because I can simply connect projects in need with resources at hand. I can foresee thrdPlace affecting deep, positive change within our organization and service communities at exponential speed. Of course, the added benefit to organizations like mine is that thrdPlace enables me to involve local community members, thus adding to th long-term sustainability of any campaign! "