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The Sill

The Sill

The houseplant has arrived.

Why We Started This Company

Plants are wonderful. They're lovely to look at. They clean the air. They brighten any space. Bottom line: plants make people happy. The Sill was created with a simple ambition to inspire people to bring more of the outdoors in. Our mission is to make the experience of discovering plants as wonderful as the plants themselves. The Sill is the source that bridges the gap between plants and people, offering products and services to fit with your personal style, your lifestyle, and your budget.

What Sets Us Apart

The Sill was founded on 3 basic principles. 1. Ease: we focus on easy to care for plants, which we hand pot and deliver to your door. 2. Accessibility: our online storefront allows customer to shop any time, from anywhere and navigate by size, light, or make of planter. Furthermore, we offer care instructions in plain English. 3. Design: we offer an edited selection of high design plantware, showcased in beautiful environments -for design guidance and inspiration. And we offer design services.

Our Keys To Success

Product - continue to offer thoughtfully chosen plants and design plans that reflect our customers personal style and lifestyle. Presentation - showcase plants in aspirational city spaces that inspire customers to incorporate greenery into city living. Support - simple, yet engaging materials on plant care. Connection - a multi-platform social strategy that educates and inspires people to bring the outdoors in - focusing on great content featuring plants in the realms of fashion, art, culture.

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