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The Sky Guys

The Sky Guys

A global Drone Pilot Network and Marketplace

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Company Overview

Empowering our customers with simple solutions to complex problems. The Sky Guys are global leaders in drone-enabled solutions and technology, leveraging drones to capture, analyze, and report on data for business insight in big industry. With a heavy emphasis on automating complex, recurring operations that are required for compliance and growth, The Sky Guys offers leading-edge inspection, surveying and progress tracking solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors.

Since being founded in March 2015 in Oakville, Canada, The Sky Guys has grown to a client base of over 600 distinct entities across a wide range of sectors and is now ranked in the top 20 drone operators globally and is the top drone operator in Canada for inspections, surveying and mapping.

Operational across Canada and in over 30 US states, The Sky Guys deploys its services globally through a robust network of pilots and infrastructure in cloud data management.


$600+ Customers Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • Founded in 2015, now with offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

    October, 2019
  • $4m+ in financing to date across seed and private placement rounds

    October, 2019
  • Customers include Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Shell, Samsung, Vale, ArcelorMittal, AIG, Brookfield, RBC and Nike

    September, 2019
  • Pilot network of 300+ pilots across Canada and within 30 U.S. States

    October, 2018
  • Ranked top 20 drone operator globally, and #1 in Canada for surveys, mapping and inspection

    March, 2018
  • Key contracts and grants - $750k from Ministry of Transportation, NVIDIA, IBM and University of Toronto

    November, 2017
  • Focused approach to sales via partnerships including Fairfax Financial Holdings (TSX:FFH) (20% shareholder and growth partner)

    March, 2017


Greg Przezdziecki
Greg Przezdziecki
Team Lead, Architecture
"The Sky Guys are the absolute best at what they do. Constantly innovating in their field, staying current with their aerial and photography gear/skills, but above all are unmatched in their customer service. I can always count on them to try to find ways to get us what we need."
Tim Ng
Tim Ng
"The best in the biz! Adam and his team 'get it' and we rely on them for awesome aerial photography when we're creating our renderings. Keep up the amazing work guys!"
Chantelle Tinney
Chantelle Tinney
Project Manager
"Adam, and the rest of the team at The Sky Guys have always been incredibly accommodating for me and the company I work for (CBRE Limited). I would highly recommend them for any aerial photography or video work, and am constantly impressed by them. Keep up the amazing work! "
John Goldstein
John Goldstein
"We've used The Sky Guys for our business working with real estate companies and their work is always fantastic. Great service & great results. We'll keep using them because we can always trust them to provide us with top-notch work."