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The Lotus Soul Cafe

The Lotus Soul Cafe

Rise. Bloom. Radiate. An organic cafe and giftery dedicated to helping you reach your best self.

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Company Overview

The Lotus Soul Cafe

Executive Summary

The Lotus Soul Café is a community oasis offering wellness beverages and foods, positive energy, and healing through certified and scientifically proven modalities. From the simplistic, nature inspired, high vibration space to the gut healing Kombuchas, teas, and apparel, The Café supports peace and healing on every sensory level.

Our gut-healing food and beverages are springboards to our other healing business arms. Customers get wellness workshops run by expert speakers and leaders, a high-end retail area, a private membership to our life-coaching circle, and the opportunity to host private events.

Mission Statement

The Lotus Soul Cafe is a place that invites the public to enter a journey of healing and wellness. We uniquely bridge the Food & Beverage industry with the Wellness industry to create a physically and spiritually nourishing environment for the community to rise, bloom, and radiate their highest selves.

Business Inspiration

There are many businesses in the marketplace that focus solely on individual dimensions of the overall Wellness category. The need exists for more integrated solutions given the stress related illnesses the U.S. is seeing at record levels. The healthcare industry, especially Oncology (Heather Krengel’s professional specialization) is already incorporating this integrated philosophy to much success. The Food & Beverage industry is on the brink of expansion as awareness in the correlation between the two industries is becomes increasingly mainstream.

Stress is at the root of some of our country’s greatest public health issues. Opioid addiction is a nationwide crisis and stress related health issues have impacted the U.S. economy to the tune of $300 billion a year via absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity; medical, legal and insurance costs are heavily impacted.

Stress attacks the immune system and 80% of our immune system and endocrine system is controlled in the gut. Our probiotic beverage bar offers scientifically proven drink and elixirs to help heal the body from the inside out. Offering our consciously chosen organic products will help the community heal on a physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, and spiritual level for the greatest whole-listic benefits -- improving quality of life for individuals then trickling to communities.

Unfair Advantage?

The Lotus Soul Café is unique in that it bridges the Food & Beverage industry to the Wellness industry. The Wellness industry is divided into seven segments: Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual, and Physical. The Lotus Soul is exceptional in that it address all seven segments. It is a unique business model in the Lake Norman area.

There are no other probiotic beverage bars in the surrounding area. Further, there is no other business combining the Food & Beverage with Wellness. We will be the trailblazers for this business design in Lake Norman, which is an affluent geographic area with a median household income of over $81,000.

This region attracts individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle as it known for indoor and outdoor fitness and leisure activities. Lake Norman is adjacent to Charlotte, NC, which is the second largest banking center in the country. Charlotte residents routinely migrate to Lake Norman for its specific offerings. The Oakhurst Shopping Plaza, the identified location for the business, is heavily trafficked both by residents of the Village of Oakhurst as well as outsiders who are patrons to several businesses in the Plaza (hair salons, restaurants, bank, dry cleaners, bar and grill, attorneys, design firms, etc.).

As time shrinks and pressure, mounts having a one-stop location serving multiple purposes in our unique whole-istic way will become increasingly valuable.

Our secret sauce” is a combination of the visceral healing effects of the space design + the gut healthy Kombucha in countless mix options + branded apparel + jewelry + home, mind & body solutions. The energy exchange between us and each customer what will have customers returning as well as enticing passersby to peek. People will feel wonderful simply entering our space and not quite be sure why.

Why Invest?

Where else in today's investment options can you expect a 30% ROI in 18 months? Our numbers break down is based on the history of two competitors who were able to franchise within 24 months of opening.

Gross Profit (daily) = $1,500 (Based on 111 customers/day. Average spending $13.50)

Gross Profit (yr. 1) = $547,390

Expenses = $372,390

Net Profit (yr. 1) = $171,000

Pitch Deck


  • Menu Established

    December, 2018
  • 1st 20K investment established

    December, 2018
  • Builder and Architect Established

    November, 2018
  • Vendor List/Pricing Established

    November, 2018
  • General Manager and Asst. GM established

    November, 2018
  • Space Located-Prime Area

    October, 2018
  • Business Plan Established

    September, 2018