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The Co-Own Company

The Co-Own Company

Changing the future of urban home ownership with new, net-zero, co-owned housing.

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15 months

Elevator Pitch

The Co-Own Company was formed to develop, sell, and manage co-owned housing in urban and university neighborhoods, on well-located infill sites.


17.63% ROI
3 Employees

Company Overview

Why you want to invest in us...

1We are building the first nationwide, scalable, for-profit shared ownership housing in the United States.
2Highly desirable urban infill and university locations – suburbia sucks, live in the City.
3High tech, net-zero energy architecture (3 kWh+ solar array per residence), specifically designed for comfortable co-ownership.
4Easy and hassle free onboarding, furniture rental available, professional management, fees cover all utilities and maintenance.
5Co-operative shares may be resold at any time, through an exchange on our website, at market rates.
6Build equity in highly desirable areas.
7On site shared electric cars – live a truly net-zero lifestyle.
8We are building single family homes, duplexes, townhouses – we follow all zoning laws – co-ops are legal across the US.

Down Payment Assistance: The Co-Own Company will have a program where Owners can borrow up to $10,000 of the down payment from the Company, with interest only payments until a subsequent sale, thus eliminating a significant barrier to home ownership for Millennials, i.e. coming up with the down payment.

After the successful launch of Denver projects, in subsequent years we will expand into other American cities with similar housing needs, in the South, West, East and North, i.e. Miami, Palo Alto, Boston, and Ann Arbor, building proven designs in a new market each year. In our second year the Company will raise up to $50M to fund the equity portion of these projects, through a Regulation A+ offering.


  • Website launch.

    October, 2020
  • Social media launch.

    October, 2020

Pitch Deck

Previous Funding

  • $100,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Self
  • July 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can co-ops be built and operated?

Co-ops are legal across the United States, in every state.

What's the median age of US homebuyers?

The median age of US homebuyers has increased from under 40 in 2010 to almost 50 years old today (2020). The median age in 1980 was under 31.

Risks & Disclosures


An investment in the Debenture Units offered hereby is speculative in nature, involves a high degree of risk, and should not be made by an investor who cannot bear the economic risk of the investment for an indefinite period of time and who cannot afford the loss of its entire investment. Each prospective investor should consider carefully the following risk factors associated with the Offering, as well as other information contained elsewhere in the Memorandum before making an investment.


  • We have little operating history and there can be no assurance that we will be profitable.
  • There exists an inherent uncertainty regarding market potential and market.
  • Our operations expose us to numerous and sometimes conflicting legal and regulatory requirements, and violation of these regulations could harm our business.
  • The Company requires additional financing in addition to this Offering which may not be available.
  • There are restrictions on transfer and no market for the Series ‘A’18% Debenture Units; therefore you may not be able to sell when you want to.

The Company has limited operating history. Potential investors should evaluate us in light of the expenses, delays, uncertainties, and complications typically encountered by early-stage businesses, many of which will be beyond our control. These risks include (i) lack of sufficient capital, (ii) unanticipated problems, delays, and expenses relating to project development and construction, (iii) marketing difficulties, (iv) competition, (v) technological changes, (vi) lack of external sources of financing, and (vii) uncertain market acceptance of our product offerings and services.

The Company’s success will depend on a still to be realized economic recovery that will fuel sales and revenue.

The Company plans to retain the services of attorneys who specialize in Colorado and Federal real estate, corporate, taxation and securities laws to ensure that the Company is compliant with all state and federal laws.

Our future success may depend on our ability to raise additional funds. No commitments to provide additional funds have as yet been secured by management. Our ability to arrange financing in the future will depend in part upon the prevailing capital market conditions, as well as our business performance. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in our efforts to arrange additional financing on satisfactory terms.

If additional financing is raised subsequent to issuance of our Series A 18% Debenture Units, control of the Company may change and Series A 18% Debenture Units holders may suffer additional dilution. If adequate funds are not available, or are not available on acceptable terms, we may not be able to take advantage of opportunities, or otherwise respond to competitive pressures and remain in business.


No public market for the Series A 18% Debenture Units currently exists or will result from this Offering. In addition, the Series A 18% Debenture Units are being offered pursuant to exemptions from registration under federal and applicable state securities laws and therefore will be subject to substantial restrictions on transfer. Accordingly, Series A 18% Debenture Units may be transferred only under appropriate exemptions and only if the transferee provides us with an opinion of counsel that is satisfactory to us to the effect that the proposed transfer complies with appropriate exemptions from the registration requirements of federal and any relevant state securities laws. Consequently, holders of Series A 18% Debenture Units may not be able to liquidate their investment in the event of an emergency or for any other reason, and Series A 18% Debenture Units may not be readily accepted as collateral for a loan. The purchase of Series A 18%

Debenture Units, therefore, should be considered only as a long-term investment.

Insiders have substantial control over our affairs.

Following the consummation of this Offering, the Company’s Managing-Member will continue to control the Company through his ownership of a majority of the outstanding common units of the Company’s equity capital currently issued and outstanding. After completion of the offering, Mr. Lewiston will directly or indirectly control greater than fifty percent (50%) of our issued and outstanding common units. As a result, Mr. Lewiston will be able to elect future Managing-Members, including appointing himself as the sole Managing-Member.