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The Co-Own Company

The Co-Own Company

Changing the future of urban home ownership with new, net-zero, co-owned housing.

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Company Overview

Why you want to invest in us...

1We are building the first nationwide, scalable, for-profit shared ownership housing in the United States.
2Highly desirable urban infill and university locations – suburbia sucks, live in the City.
3High tech, net-zero energy architecture (3 kWh+ solar array per residence), specifically designed for comfortable co-ownership.
4Easy and hassle free onboarding, furniture rental available, professional management, fees cover all utilities and maintenance.
5Co-operative shares may be resold at any time, through an exchange on our website, at market rates.
6Build equity in highly desirable areas.
7On site shared electric cars – live a truly net-zero lifestyle.
8We are building single family homes, duplexes, townhouses – we follow all zoning laws – co-ops are legal across the US.

Down Payment Assistance: The Co-Own Company will have a program where Owners can borrow up to $10,000 of the down payment from the Company, with interest only payments until a subsequent sale, thus eliminating a significant barrier to home ownership for Millennials, i.e. coming up with the down payment.

After the successful launch of Denver projects, in subsequent years we will expand into other American cities with similar housing needs, in the South, West, East and North, i.e. Miami, Palo Alto, Boston, and Ann Arbor, building proven designs in a new market each year. In our second year the Company will raise up to $50M to fund the equity portion of these projects, through a Regulation A+ offering.


17.63% ROI
3 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • Website launch.

    October, 2020
  • Social media launch.

    October, 2020