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Online venture capital firm and curated marketplace for investing in life science & health-tech startups

San Francisco, California, US

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Company Overview

Our Vision

Bioverge is a online venture capital firm and angel investment platform targeting 'life-tech' startups. We think of 'life-tech' startups as a new and emerging breed of companies at the cross section of biology and technology.

  • Access startups focused on the convergence of biology & technology
  • Life-Tech = healthcare startups with ‘tech playbook’ twist


At Bioverge, we believe we are in the midst of witnessing the convergence of the most powerfully technology ever developed – biology – being combined with increasingly powerful software, robotic systems, and artificial intelligence.

The Bioverge Fund I

  • Multi-company fund investing in startups listed on the Bioverge platform
  • Access our exclusive deal flow automatically
  • Instant portfolio diversification
  • Low investment minimums and fees


Successfully closed our first investment in Notable Labs alongside top-tier funds such as First Round Capital and Founders Fund

September, 2016

Secured allocation for our second deal alongside Tech Coast Angels and currently completing our dynamic diligence process

October, 2016

Circled $850,000 for Bioverge Fund I and anticipate first close by Dec 1st

October, 2016