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TDI Bassline

TDI Bassline

Introducing the next generation of eCommerce. A Social eCommerce Collective Market.

Calgary, Alberta, CA

technology, consumer products, tech startup, Internet (Software & Services)

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We started our operations on eBay. We integrated 650,000 products in our inventory system, which pushes our stocked items onto eBay.

March, 2014

Today we took the first step to start TDI Bassline and started our research on eCommerce industry.

May, 2010

Our Test Phase proved highly successful on eBay. (March 2014 July 2014) We surpassed our Pre-Operations Probability of Daily Sales.

July, 2014

We partnered with 3 large distributors for auto parts. 1) Keystone Automotive, 2) Transamerican Wholesale, 3) IMC

December, 2013

TDI Bassline officially became a registered incorporation in Calgary, Alberta.

May, 2012

TDI Bassline became incorporated in Texas, USA.

August, 2013

We partnered with WHI Solutions, an eBay Company to use their back end systems and to sell on eBay.

January, 2014

We partnered with the most widely used aftermarket performance catalog provider to receive their catalogs of 175 brands ( 180K products).

June, 2014

We partnered with GFK Etilize to receive catalogs for consumer electronics, & office stationery, which contains about 1.5 MM products.

June, 2014

Synthesizer was conceptually designed and flow charted. With detailed conceptual design of it modules.

May, 2014

We partnered with price optimization company, Price Wiser to optimize our products before Synthesizer is complete.

July, 2014

We clocked in 27K hours in design, analysis, and operations of TDI Bassline.

July, 2014

TDI Bassline was featured in Technorati.

August, 2014

We completed our market analysis and developed the benchmark of sales and performance for our Test Phase.

March, 2013

We developed a detail brainstorm about the design, features and purpose of our social media eCommerce platform, Out Social.

March, 2014

We partnered with Marketing platform, Vocus to strengthen our foot print on the internet, and news media.

June, 2014

We partnered with Amazon to use their platform to sell online.

April, 2014


Team Member Name

Noman Safdar

Social Media Strategist

Develop and manage online marketing campaigns for TDI Bassline LLC, TDI Bassline Inc. effectively driving brand awareness, engagement and traffic to social... Read More
Team Member Name

Murtaza Godil

Business Analyst

Team Member Name

Atif Khan

Customer Relations Manager at TDI Bassline

Team Member Name

Kashif Mundia

Corporate Accountant at TDI Bassline.

-Diversified Experience in the area of Accounting & New Business Development, -Financial Accounting and Analysis. -Cost / Benefit Analysis, -Book Keepi... Read More
Team Member Name

Arsalan Mustafa

Customer Care Representative

Team Member Name

Saad Saeed

Customer Relations Officer at TDI Bassline