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Tasty Equity

Tasty Equity

Real Equity in Real Restaurants

Real Equity in Real Restaurants


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Own Real Equity in Real Restaurants With Tasty Equity - Franchisees Of Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burritos With A Unique Franchisee Business Model And An Exit Strategy Within Reach

Company Overview

Ever wanted to own a restaurant or a bar? Here's your chance to own 4, with a 5th on the way!

Invest in Tasty Equity and you will join us in owning real equity in two Hot Head Burritos and two Rapid Fired Pizza restaurants, another restaurant we plan to open this year, as well as every restaurant we build in the future. As we raise capital in this stock offering, we will open new restaurants and you will own part of every location we open.


Our Business Model

Tasty Equity (d/b/a of Wiley Area Development, LLC) was formed to leverage the extensive relationships, operational expertise and in-the-trenches operational experience of its founders and to serve as the operating partner to owner-operator franchisees of certain Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burrito franchisees. Tasty Equity invests alongside these restaurant owners, providing initial working capital to fund the startup costs that occur prior to securing bank financing based upon a bank pre-approval for each restaurant owner. In addition, the Company provides advisory services related to site selection, restaurant design, operations and serves as the back office operating partner for each restaurant owner.

We already own parts of four operating and revenue producing restaurants in Ohio with a fifth on the way, but our expansion plans for new restaurants are not limited to the Midwest. Tasty Equity owns 18% of the company that operates the Rapid Fired Pizza restaurant located in Lima, Ohio and 18% of the company that operates the Rapid Fired Pizza restaurant located in Bowling Green, Ohio. Tasty Equity also owns 20% of the company that operates the Hot Head Burritos restaurant located in Perrysburg, Ohio and the Hot Head Burritos restaurant located in Holland, Ohio. Tasty Equity will own 18% or more of our planned Rapid Fired Pizza & Taproom in development in Findlay, Ohio that Tasty Equity plans to open in 2020. Tasty Equity will own between 18% and 80% of each new store, depending on the amount invested in each restaurant and other factors.


Tasty Equity is committed to enabling ownership participation in our restaurants for qualified managers from other quick service restaurant concepts who are experienced franchise restaurant operators but have no ownership or equity opportunities with that brand. We are also committed to helping our own team members and military veterans who have served our country to own a restaurant of their own. By providing financing and operational expertise, we allow certain qualified individuals to own and operate restaurants where they may not otherwise be able to do so.


Our History In The Restaurant Business:

Chris and Pete Wiley grew up in the restaurant business as their father was one of the first dozen Pizza Hut team members. Their brother Ray Wiley has been in the franchise restaurant business his whole life and after a successful stint with Subway, Ray decided to start two new restaurant chains: Hot Head Burritos and Rapid Fired Pizza. Chris and Pete founded Tasty Equity to be a franchisee and store development company of Ray's restaurant concepts. They are following the same expansion model proven by McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and other leading brands who created store development companies that are separate from the franchisors in order to enable franchisees to build more stores faster.

About The Restaurants: Rapid Fired Pizza


There are more than 30 Rapid Fired Pizza restaurants open in several states with more planned. Rapid Fired Pizza restaurants have state of the art high performance ovens that can cook pizza, calzones and pasta in as little as 180 seconds. Every pizza is prepared exactly as the customer ordered it. Customers can choose from a dozen different pizza and pasta sauces, eight cheese options, 10 meat offerings and 20 different vegetable toppings. Rapid Fired also offers more than a dozen varieties of dipping sauces.


Tasty Equity owns portions of the Rapid Fired Pizza restaurant in Lima, Ohio and Bowling Green, Ohio. Your investment would be in these two restaurants, and any others that Tasty Equity invests in or opens in the future.

The Pizza Marketplace

The fast casual restaurant pizza market is currently made up of less than a dozen restaurant operating companies with less than 900 restaurants open and hundreds more in development. Pizza is a flourishing business and has been for the past 50 years. Some relevant statistics include:

  • $38 billion Annual pizza sales in America
  • $3 billion Number of pizzas sold in the U.S. each year
  • 350 Slices of pizza sold every second
  • 46 Slices of pizza the average American eats each year
  • 93% Percentage of Americans who eat pizza at least once a month


About The Restaurants: Hot Head Burritos


Ray Wiley (Tasty Equity founders’ brother) founded Hot Head Burritos in 2007 after being in the Subway system for more than 20 years. He was inspired by watching the Qdoba restaurant concept grow to compete with Chipotle (which does not franchise) and within a few years sell their entire franchise system along with many of their stores in an institutional sale which included many of their independent owner operator franchisee stores in a very successful liquidity event. There were only about 500 branded burrito shops at the time, led by Chipotle and Qdoba. Today there are more than 75 Hot Head Burritos stores operational with Area Developers in about a dozen states. The Hot Head Franchising system achieved a new store opening rate of about 1 store per month in 2019 and is projected to achieve more than 2 new locations per month based on existing Area Developer contractual commitments in 2020.


Tasty Equity owns portions of the Hot Head Burritos restaurant in Perrysburg, Ohio and Holland, Ohio. Your investment would be in these two restaurants, and any others that Tasty Equity invests in or opens in the future.


3 Things Every Investor Should Know

1. How much does it cost to invest in Tasty Equity?

It costs $5 per ownership unit, with a minimum investment of $100 for 20 units.

2. What do I get for my investment?

For every $5 you invest you get one "unit" of ownership in our company, which owns parts of four existing restaurants.A unit is just like a share of stock and is a percentage of the total ownership of our company.For the minimum investment of $100, you get 20 units of ownership. The more you invest the more units you get. In addition to the units and becoming a real restaurant owner of our four existing restaurants, you will own part of every new restaurant we open in the future. On top of that, you get "perks" for being an owner. Based on how much you invest, you get different levels of perks, which you can review at

3. How do I get a return on my investment?

You are investing at an early stage in our company and our restaurants. Like early stage investments made by venture capitalists, investment banks and private equity firms, you are investing now to hold on to your equity for the foreseeable future while we grow the company. You are investing with the hope that as we grow the company, your investment becomes worth more as the company gets bigger, and as we open more restaurants. We plan to reinvest any profits to help the company grow, and we do not have any plans to pay a dividend to anyone during that time, but it is possible we may do so in the future. Our goal is to help Hot Head Burritos and Rapid Fired Pizza to get to 200 total stores (they are more than half way there) at which point we believe our restaurants will be a target for investment by our larger institutional partners or acquisition by one of the firms that aggregate restaurants for cash flow. If that happens, some or all of Tasty Equity's shares in their restaurants would be sold to that acquiring company, At that time, you would get paid a return on your investment. In the meantime, you can sell your units, but you will have to find a purchaser yourself as our units will not be listed on any exchange, so there is no open marketplace for your units. But you can still enjoy the benefits of being an investor through discounts and the other perks you get, while we grow the business.


More questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions at or download the Offering Circular on this page.

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Key Customers & Partners

Rapid Fired Pizza Hot Head Burritos

Risks & Disclosures

Please download SEC qualified Offering Circular and review all risk factors and disclosures before investing.

Tasty Equity is not affiliated with two franchisors: Rapid Fired Franchising or Hot Head Franchising, both of which are owned by Ray Wiley, Tasty Equity’s founders’ brother, and his partners. Instead, Tasty Equity is a separate independently owned restaurant development company. As a consultant to the franchisors, Chris recruits independent owner operator franchisees, area developers, and helps identify ideal locations with a network of real estate development partners. In the process he identifies a large number of potential independent restaurant owner operators that are candidates for the Tasty Equity sponsored owner operator and joint venture programs. Tasty Equity is prepared to sponsor restaurant owners in any market in cooperation with Rapid Fired Franchising or Hot Head Franchising’s Area Developers as they expand the brands nationally, but its focus for now is in Ohio where it all began. Tasty Equity can’t sell anyone a Rapid Fired Pizza or a Hot Head Burritos franchise – only the franchisor has the right to do that through its Franchise Disclosure Document. When you invest in Tasty Equity, you will own part of each Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burritos store that Tasty Equity owns a part of.


Offering Circular February 12th, 2020