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Generating millions of dollars in revenue for restaurants all over Latin America.

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  • - We have generated over $160,000 USD in revenue. For the last 5 months it has been growing 18% mom.

    October, 2013
  • - 200,000+ monthly unique active user and growing 25% mom for over 1 year.

    June, 2013
  • - 2500 restaurants registered on our site. (KFC, Mc Donalds, iHop, Carls Jr, Papa Johns..)

    October, 2013
  • Every 2 minutes there is an order being placed through our site.

    October, 2013
  • Our app is the #1 App in Food and Beverages in Mexico for the pasto 10 months. We have passed the 100k downloads.

    May, 2013