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Tandem Capital

Tandem Capital

Silicon Valley's Mobile Seed Fund

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Company Overview

Silicon Valley's Mobile Seed Fund

Backing Hardware, Platform and App Startups

Active Day-to-Day Involvement

Tandem not only invests dollars, but also works closely with founding teams to help them discover market fit. We'll help refine product strategy, drive user acquisition, optimize monetization and more.

Your Door to Silicon Valley

We back stellar product entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world. Whether a team hails from 10 miles down the freeway or 10,000 miles across the world, we give them a temporary home in Silicon Valley and quickly immerse them in the thriving startup culture that surrounds us.



We help you develop a concise business strategy with clearly identified customers and a well-defined product. This activity starts on day 1 and continues as we measure audience reaction to each product release.


We leave you to build the product but can review your technical architecture, help set up your analytics for reporting and advise on optimal user experience.


We help with organic and paid user acquisition and take a metrics-driven approach to growth. We will also help in optimizing pricing to drive maximum revenue.