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Online marketplace for sweepstakes of luxury items. Contributions donated to charity. Talyx is for-profit.

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Elevator Pitch

Talyx is a blockchain-based, for-profit, online marketplace that organizes sweepstakes of high-end, aspirational items, while supporting charity. Product sellers monetize assets with no expenses.

Company Overview

Talyx is a platform that optimizes fundraising for accredited charities by organizing online sweepstakes with “aspirational” prizes (products and experiences).

Talyx provides participants the opportunity to win prizes typically beyond their reach while enabling suppliers of said prizes to monetize their assets with no marketing risk.

With it's one of a kind business model backed up by blockchain technology, it gives a safe secure, and innovative way of transactions, that will disrupt the buyer-seller industry in an effective way.
On top of that, 15% of the entire participants' contribution is donated to charity

Risks & Disclosures

As in any investment, there are risks associated to the business model and market demand. However, we have done our due diligence in depth to minimize these risks.

Market Risk: It is not impossible that customer acquisition forecasts, as depicted in the Investor Pitch, will take longer to achieve.

RISK MITIGATION: Estimates in the Investor Pitch are very conservative. In addition, we have modeled our forecasts on the performance of the market leader at the same stage of development, as our company.

Legal/Regulatory Risk: The organizing of sweepstakes for the purpose of charity must comply with Laws and Regulations, across each State. Since laws may differ across each State, legal compliance may slow down a nation-wide roll-out.

RISK MITIGATION: The company has extensively consulted with legal counsel, highly experienced in this area of the law. The company has also budgeted on-going legal support in its Financial Plan. Last but not least, leading competitors in this space have already demonstrated the feasibility of rapid nation-wide roll-outs.